Lasocice Galleria!!

How many activities could be done in one week?! We have the answer…  A LOT!!!
From 13th to 17th of July all the EVS volunteers with some polish guys organized and made workshops, cultural presentations and a lot of games for children in Lasocice during “Train to Coolture”!
The workshops were about so different topics and in the cultural presentations children had the possibility to know many informations about other countries throught funny methods created by volunteers!

Here you can find some pictures that could express how nice was that experience for everybody!!

las tom 1

We started the train with an integration game to connect the group

las tom 2


Chinese Football has now become very popular in Lasocice

las tom 3


During the lovely Portuguese cultural presentation

las luis 1

Mihaela helping the kids in the chicken, fox, snake workshop!

las luis 2

Fox Team ready for the game!

las luis 3

we are ready to play!!!

las myr 1

Albert proposed to do the maestro game: one person is the leader, so the leader has to
do a movement and the others follow him. The person in the middle has to guess who is
the leader.

las myr 2

Sebastien and Albert proposed to do the bridge game. The kids were divided in two
teams and the first team who managed to take the ballon to the last person firstly won.

las myr 3

Paula did the presentation of Romania, she has great ideas and kids enjoyed.

las alv 1

On Tuesday when we arrived to Lasocice all the kids came to give greeting. Lena’s workshop was “make a puppet with sock” and all the kids had to prepare his/her sock sewing in it buttons!

las alv 2

las alv 3

Tom and guilia, when lena finished, they proposed some activities for the kids one of them it was tree and stones maybe this game was one of the most success during the week.

las dom 1

Game: recognize your friend!

las dom 2

Wireless telephone!

las dom 3

Workshop: Time to painting!

las dom 4

Create your picture!

las pau 1

 We visited Malta and we found out interestin gfacts about the country. We found out about the many castles, about the maltese dog also about the many fisherman.

las pau 2

mainspecific things in Malta. This was one of aur favourite activities, also we one of the most loved game was „Tree and rock” – you cand see that we had a great time !

las pau 3

las pau 4

las pau 5

las mih 1

Country presentation of France… Sebastien was doing a great atmosphere.

las mih 2

During the French presentation the children should to guess what was in the pictures.

las mih 3

At this game the kids were divided in 3 teams. They should to guess the characters of the words.

las mih 4

We played outside and the children had a lot of fun.

las lena 1

Energetic, full of colors and full of movement. Full of new curiosities and interesting games this day gave us all a happy and high spirited mood.

las lena 2

The workshop about making a photoframe was a blast. The kids were totally absorbed by the multitude of colors, balloons and sparkling materials they could found in there.
They had the opportunity to take photos in a frame that they created by their own selves.
The level of their happiness is as bright as all the colors used.

las lena 3

Alvaro being a true magician and showing his tricks with the cups to the kids. Big was the curiosity and huge was wish to undestrand the mechanics behind the magic. But a true magician never reveals his secrets…

las lena 4

Playing Tank. A great game with a very unexpected end. You know they say that when you are knowing nothing you are in a tank. Well, that totally made sense in this activity. Probably the funnies part of the day.

las lena 5

You have a volunteer? Use him/her for riding! Children have a lot of fun to see how volunteers care about and carry them. Volunteer, take me home, coz I played from sunrise to dawn!

On Friday volunteers and children went to the Lake in Golanice by bike! When we arrived at the lake children prepared immediatly themselves to do the bath.. but the water wasn’t so hot! So at the beggining inly the braver run in the water, followed from the other! Also the volunteers reached children into the lake and they had fun all together!!

bike 5

bike 6

bike 7

bike 3


During the morning we had also one Zumba Lesson!! Children and volunteers were so concentrated and




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