France vs Great Britain

21 February 2017

The event organized by CAT took place at Leszno library. The topic was about the rivalry between France and United Kingdom. It was a presentation by James, Daniel and Nicolas; French versus British. Both teams prepared separately a PowerPoint putting in value the traditions and the culture of their respective countries, but also the stereotypes that they have about their rival. Margarida, Tania and Miglė put the both power points in one, to have one final version. The presentation took the shape of a battle between the two teams and the goal was to make the audience laugh. The presentation ended on a friendly note with the French and UK cooperation. Our guest enjoyed French and British light snacks prepared by the two teams: Victoria’s sponge, Quiche Lorraine, Truffes au chocolate etc.

A very big thank you for the two translators that’s helped us in presenting the rival countries.



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