Benvenuto: TO Alberto from Italy

Summarise your EVS.

How long did you stay? Two months
What are you taking away from this experience? For sure a lot more of what I took with me to give to other people. I brought with me a lot of new friends of different countries, that now I know better. I know myself and my skills so better, what I can do well and which are my weak points. 

What would you like to do next? Next, after some travelling and some occasional jobs, I want to work in the development and conflict management for third-world-country (or to have some training in this field)
What is your best memory from this EVS? The joyful, light-hearted time spent both my colleagues and by myself.

Name : Alberto Seligardi Age : 24

Studied Fields: Mainly contemporary history, but even philosophy, anthropology and sociology.

What Do You Like Most In Your Life? : Adventure.Screenshot-2017-9-25 21586764_10209976752351010_1172231171531300280_o jpg (immagine JPEG, 1920 × 1278 pixel) - Riscalata (5[...](1)

Why Did You Choose EVS? : For making a new experience abroad, know new people and work in an organization for help others.

What Are Your Expectations? : I expect to improve myself, to discover more things and to learn to help other people.

What do you hope to share with other people during your stay in
Poland ?
I whish to share my energy, my abilities and my knowledge! Hoping that other people will share a little of them with me as well.

What would be your best attributes? Here is a list of my abilities and knowledges:
– I would REALLY like to keep a philophical/ethical forum about Human Rights with youngsters. Through answering to several questions, the students would discuss one or more articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with the aim of let them develop their own ideas, know better the Human Rights and let them confront each other.

– I have a great knowledge of european contemporary history, particulary about the 1900. I even have a good knowledge about philosophy, anthropology and in general of other cultures (I have a three-years degree)

– I spent a month in both Morocco and Rwanda, so I could to cultural presentations about them
– As every italian, I know very well italian culture and food (and the typical mistakes made in it out of Italy)
– I am an amateur photographer
– I know martial discipline for street self-defense (Muay Boran)
– I like to pratice an athletic workout
– I studied as a computer technician and worked as a web designer
– I am creative, I like to write, tell and/or comment stories, reports, romance and current news from the whole world.


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