Please welcome Tom.

Name: Tom LHOR
Age: I´m 19 years old
Studies Field : diplomate of the french Economical and Social baccalaureate
What do you like the most in your life ? : I like my family so much firstly , same with my friends and finally the Barcelona Football Club .157CE497-083D-4580-B3DC-46801E0B4B85
Why did you choose EVS ? : I took a gap year and EVS was the best meaAn to travel and to learn a lot on yourself and on the world at the same time
What are your expectations ? : I hope to discover new cultures and languages , to enjoy the job and life in Leszno
What do you hope to share with people during you stay in Poland ? : I would like to share my culture , my experiences firstly , funny moments , and things we´ll keep in mind forever
What would be your best attribute ? :
– I speak at least two languages fluently , English and French , I also learned a little bit of Chinese in school , and Italian at home with my Italian family
– I´m passionate with sport and I´ve practise a lot of sport even I´m young , so I can organise some games or training without problems
– I´m able to do every Jobs even it´s boring , no matter
– I did a lot of travel , because I like geography and history so much so I know the story of lots of countries
– I used to draw when I was younger so I can organise some drawing games .


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