Would you like to have a photo with a star?

Initially, Hollywood Walk of Frame appeared with a marketing idea and then, the concept was accepted by Los Angeles City Council.


E. M. Stuart, who was the Vice President of Hollywood’s Chamber of Commerce, had the brainchild. He has said, “maintain the glory of a community whose name means glamour and excitement in the four corners of the world.” The first conception was to have a caricature on the sidewalk for each famous person and then, to make a star instead of the caricature. Firstly, there were four categories of art, these were Cinema, Television, Radio and Music. Later, Theatre and Live performance were added to the stars category. In 1960, 8 stars were added with a glorious ceremony. It was the director Stanley Kramer who had the first star and now, more than two thousands of famous names have already been immortalized in the boulevard. By the way, Michael Jackson has two stars and Muhammed Ali’s star hangs in Kodak Theatre. Also, famous dead people as well as imaginary characters, such as Buggs Bunny, can have this star.

Stuart’s idea came true that the boulevard is a very well-known touristic destination and it has become the publicity of famous people’s place.


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