Spring is with us!

How do you celebrate the coming of the spring in your country?

Dicle, from Turkey, explains us how they celebrate it in their country:

On 21 st of March, we celebrate the coming of the spring and the celebration is called Nevruz’Nevruz, a combination of Persian words Nev(new) and Ruz(day) means the new day. Nevruz, besides being the symbol of nature’s release from winter and arrival of days of affluence and abundance, is also accepted as a day which reflects the vitalities, new beginnings and thresholds for us. 

During Nevruz, people come together and light a big fire. They dance and sing around the fire until it gets smaller. Then, some people jump on it which is a bit crazy. That’s why not all people do that. 

After that ceremony, everybody writes their wishes, resolutions to a piece of paper or they just take a piece of scarf. All people hang their wishes to a big tree believeing they will come true after that day. 

Well, this is how we celebrate the coming of the spring. What’s your way of celebrating it?? 


Summarize your EVS! Morgan Vernet.

         What’s your name?  17838673_10208933834167333_1724971169_o                                                               -My name is Morgan.

         How long did you stay in Leszno?

          -I stayed two months in Leszno.

        What experiences you gained during your EVS?

-During that EVS, i learned about culture from other countries, about animation, about team work, about myself and I met new Friends who are actually amazing persons.


What is your best memory from your EVS?

– The best memory of me is the one when we all went to a school to make some activities for youngsters who were about 16-17 years old. We played some games, spoke about human rights, had a quizz and fun of course!

So, what’s next for you in the future?

– In the future I will come back to my studies and maybe after, I will do an other EVS.

March 2: What happened today?

Significant Events

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Did you know?

1933 “King Kong”, directed by Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack, starring Fay Wray premieres at Radio City Music Hall and RKO Roxy in NYC.

Today’s Birthdays

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Would You Believe?

Longest non-stop scheduled commercial flight by distance, Emirates A380 flies 14,200km (8,824 miles) Dubai to Auckland in 17 hours, 15 minutes on this day in 2016.

   Event of Interets 

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Events on March





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