Summarize your EVS! Morgan Vernet.

         What’s your name?  17838673_10208933834167333_1724971169_o                                                               -My name is Morgan.

         How long did you stay in Leszno?

          -I stayed two months in Leszno.

        What experiences you gained during your EVS?

-During that EVS, i learned about culture from other countries, about animation, about team work, about myself and I met new Friends who are actually amazing persons.


What is your best memory from your EVS?

– The best memory of me is the one when we all went to a school to make some activities for youngsters who were about 16-17 years old. We played some games, spoke about human rights, had a quizz and fun of course!

So, what’s next for you in the future?

– In the future I will come back to my studies and maybe after, I will do an other EVS.