Hello​ France.

Name :Yann Jazequel


Studied field: French Literature

What Do You Like Most In Your Life: 

There is a lot of things I like: First I love music: 

listen to bands (folk, rock, metal etc.. and create some music, playing the guitar. I also  enjoy reading books about history (Scotland mostly) literature, sociology, political, demography. And I like to speak about it with people.

Why Did You Choose EVS: thumb_IMG_3587_1024 copy

I choose EVS because I wanted to learn by teaching and to share my interests with different kind of people with different cultures and learn things from them as well. 

What Are Your Expectations:

 I expect to get out of my comfort zone to be more confident about what I can do and how to do it in the best way. I expect to improve my English

What can you share with other people, what can you speak about at schools?

 I can share my knowledge and my love of music, literature. I can speak about my own culture or speaking about some French songs or even English songs (for example the history behind some traditional songs.



Name : Stamatis Kolovos

Age: 24

Studied field: Electrical & Computer Engineering

What Do You Like Most In Your Life: One of the things that enjoy most in my life is having fun with the people around me, especially with my close friends. I enjoy going out, wandering the streets and discover places I have never been before. I really enjoy listening to and playing music with my friends. Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 17.50.09

Why Did You Choose EVS: I want to

broaden my horizons by travelling and seeing the world, test my self in

experiences and activities that they will force me out of my comfort zone.I am excited to meet new people, share common experiences with them and exchange cultural differences. Having friends all over the world change completely your worldview, the way you understand the other people and yourself.

What Are Your Expectations: I want to learn about the other cultures and break the stereotypes that may exist. I want to make some friends around the globe and learn some new skills. I would like to understand better myself and work with the creative part of mine. 

What can you share with other people, what can you speak about at schools? One thing that I could share with other people could be my love for music, the benefits of music and how it connects people.

Hello From Romania​, We proud to host Stefan.

Name : Ștefan Procopie

Age: 24

Studied field: Graphic Design & Teacher Training

What Do You Like Most In Your Life:Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 17.44.15

I like the possibilities that are offered to me and to other young people nowadays, some of which were hard or impossible to gain by the generations before us. These possibilities include travelling, using the Internet to work and being part of an international team of volunteers.  

Why Did You Choose EVS:

I chose EVS to develop my skills in communication and personnel management. I hope to collaborate with the volunteers and to learn new things from them. I would also like to get more familiar with the Polish culture in the time spent here. As a working experience, I believe I will like it and I think this will further enhance my ability to get a job that I will enjoy. 

What Are Your Expectations:

My expectations are to learn to adapt to a new country, to be able to communicate and better explain a topic to others, to learn new things and to give something back. I wish to develop competences which would help me pursue a teaching or a design career.  

What can you share with other people, what can you speak about at schools?

First, I can speak about Romanian culture, its history and geography. Second, I can plan workshops in drawing, design and art, this being the domain which I studied; I can also organize games of creativity and storytelling. 

Hello to Greece. Welcome,​ Niki.

Name : Niki Liva

Age: 28

Studied field: Psychology

What Do You Like Most In Your Life: Finding moments of real peace

Why Did You Choose EVS: It was about time for me to try an international experience through a “non-touristic” journey, as I have lived my whole life in Greece. I wanted to meet other people in such an environment and in having this intercultural meeting in an organised wayScreen Shot 2018-04-11 at 15.49.25

What Are Your Expectations: To upgrade my pedagogical skills, my communication skills, to discover how it feels to be part of a team -especially in an unknown place, to get involved with the local community, to see how different and how common to mine is a different culture, to practice foreign languages, and finally to get out of my comfort zone!

What can you share with other people, what can you speak about at schools?

I think I could have presentations of 

  • traditional Greek music (instruments, rhythm, culture, famous composers) – which would be more interesting for ages 14+
  • greek mythology
  • teach Greek language basics (alphabet, common phrases) – suitable for all ages
  • Talking about human behaviour: How Cognitive Processes make us react in a way or another (for teenagers & adults)
  • Physical Expression exercises for drama team or any team (school-going children, teenagers and adults)
  • Sexual & Reproductive Health issues (mostly for teenagers and adults)
  • Dietary Habits (ages 9-17)
  • Eating Disorders -Bulimia, Anorexia (ages 12+)
  • Substances abuse (tobacco, alcohol, cannabis, chemicals) – teenagers only
  • Homophobia – What is it? Are you a homophobic or not? discussion for teens
  • Human Rights all over the world / in Europe
  • Ted-Ex video projection about Stress and How it affects us

(in English)  and then a discussion about the topic -(must be an intermediate level of English-speaking students)

Bella Eleonora from Italy.

Name : Eleonora Cesaraccio

Age: 23

Studied field: law

What Do You Like Most In Your Life: 

I  like nature and simple things, adventures, see new places, travel, discover different cultures and lifestyles. I like sports, keeping fit and hiking. I like eating every kind of traditional food. I love to try new things and discover new recipes.  I also like kids and their view of life.

Why Did You Choose EVS:Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 15.44.36

 Improve myself and my English, discover other countries and cultures, know new skills and stay out of my comfort zone. 

What Are Your Expectations: I hope to improve myself, my English and discover how to teach English and, maybe, learn a bit of polish language.

What can you share with other people, what can you speak about at schools? 

I can talk about Italian culture, the way we live and our food. I can also talk about hiking, how to keep fit and the importance of it for the body and the brain health. I studied law, so I can also talk about human rights.

This is Isabella from Germany.

Name: Lisa Maria Isabella Schmitz

Age: 23

Studied field: Catholic Theology and Business Administration

What Do You Like Most In Your Life: I love my family, friends, food, travelling and meeting new people.Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 15.40.22

Why Did You Choose EVS: Because it seems like a great opportunity to experience Polish culture while getting to know people from all over Europe.

What Are Your Expectations: I would love to develop my skills, explore my strengths and just have an amazing, multicultural time.

What can you share with other people, what can you speak about at schools? I can tell something about German culture and traditions, especially from the Southern region. I am interested in (German) history, but also in religion, politics and economics. I especially like subjects, where this disciplines collide or interact.  I love everything that has something to do with food like cooking or baking. 

Hola Nuria … Welcome.

Name : Nuria García Rubio

Age:  23

Studied field: History of Art and Human Rights

What Do You Like Most In Your Life: I love to travel, write poetry and meet new people and go to the cinema.Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 15.38.23.png

Why Did You Choose EVS:  I chose EVS because it was an opportunity to meet new people from different backgrounds and improve my skills in a different country.

What Are Your Expectations: Growing up, meeting new people and get some skills.

What can you share with other people, what can you speak about at schools? I can talk about Spanish culture, food and traditions of Andalucía (my region), also I can share my knowledge in cinema and poetry almost Spanish. 

Our youngest Volunteer this term.​


Age: 20Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 15.32.51

Studied field: I.T new technology

What do you like most in your life? I enjoy good cuisine, I like sometimes to spend time playing video games I also enjoy playing basketball. For some “Me Time” I might spend it watching a good TV show or a movie. 

Why Did You Choose EVS: Improve my English language, travel and discover other cultures, share my passions, leave my routine.

What Are Your Expectations: increase my English language, discover cultures and hobbies from another country, find my way to my future.

What can you share with other people, what can you speak about at schools? I can share my joy, share my passion for video games and sports, or even my French culture, I can talk about my country, my hobbies, what I know about EVS, new technologies, IT stuff and information about internet security 

Have you met Loredana yet?

Name: Loredana Păcurariu

Age: 22

Studied field: Psychology

What Do You Like Most In Your Life: I like to have meaningful conversations with other people. I like dancing, reading books (my to-read list is a long one), going at music festivals, wandering around new places that I’ve never seen before, daydreaming, watching the stars and the moon at night, being near the sea and swimming. And hugs!

Why Did You Choose EVS: I chose EVS because I wanted to volunteer abroad, step out of my comfort zone and develop myself, meet new people from other countries, see new places.

What Are Your Expectations: I want to see how it is for me to work with children and youngsters. I also think that I will rediscover myself, I will know better which are my strengths and weaknesses. Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 15.09.04

What can you share with other people, what can you speak about at schools? I can share my culture, some energizers and some social exercises for groups. I can speak about emotional/psychological difficulties that young people might face and how to overcome them in a healthy way. I can bring different psychological self-reports for youngsters to assess their personality or the emotional intelligence and I can also share some knowledge about career counselling.