Bella Eleonora from Italy.

Name : Eleonora Cesaraccio

Age: 23

Studied field: law

What Do You Like Most In Your Life: 

I  like nature and simple things, adventures, see new places, travel, discover different cultures and lifestyles. I like sports, keeping fit and hiking. I like eating every kind of traditional food. I love to try new things and discover new recipes.  I also like kids and their view of life.

Why Did You Choose EVS:Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 15.44.36

 Improve myself and my English, discover other countries and cultures, know new skills and stay out of my comfort zone. 

What Are Your Expectations: I hope to improve myself, my English and discover how to teach English and, maybe, learn a bit of polish language.

What can you share with other people, what can you speak about at schools? 

I can talk about Italian culture, the way we live and our food. I can also talk about hiking, how to keep fit and the importance of it for the body and the brain health. I studied law, so I can also talk about human rights.


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