Hello​ France.

Name :Yann Jazequel


Studied field: French Literature

What Do You Like Most In Your Life: 

There is a lot of things I like: First I love music: 

listen to bands (folk, rock, metal etc.. and create some music, playing the guitar. I also  enjoy reading books about history (Scotland mostly) literature, sociology, political, demography. And I like to speak about it with people.

Why Did You Choose EVS: thumb_IMG_3587_1024 copy

I choose EVS because I wanted to learn by teaching and to share my interests with different kind of people with different cultures and learn things from them as well. 

What Are Your Expectations:

 I expect to get out of my comfort zone to be more confident about what I can do and how to do it in the best way. I expect to improve my English

What can you share with other people, what can you speak about at schools?

 I can share my knowledge and my love of music, literature. I can speak about my own culture or speaking about some French songs or even English songs (for example the history behind some traditional songs.



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