Hello From Romania​, We proud to host Stefan.

Name : Ștefan Procopie

Age: 24

Studied field: Graphic Design & Teacher Training

What Do You Like Most In Your Life:Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 17.44.15

I like the possibilities that are offered to me and to other young people nowadays, some of which were hard or impossible to gain by the generations before us. These possibilities include travelling, using the Internet to work and being part of an international team of volunteers.  

Why Did You Choose EVS:

I chose EVS to develop my skills in communication and personnel management. I hope to collaborate with the volunteers and to learn new things from them. I would also like to get more familiar with the Polish culture in the time spent here. As a working experience, I believe I will like it and I think this will further enhance my ability to get a job that I will enjoy. 

What Are Your Expectations:

My expectations are to learn to adapt to a new country, to be able to communicate and better explain a topic to others, to learn new things and to give something back. I wish to develop competences which would help me pursue a teaching or a design career.  

What can you share with other people, what can you speak about at schools?

First, I can speak about Romanian culture, its history and geography. Second, I can plan workshops in drawing, design and art, this being the domain which I studied; I can also organize games of creativity and storytelling. 


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