This is Isabella from Germany.

Name: Lisa Maria Isabella Schmitz

Age: 23

Studied field: Catholic Theology and Business Administration

What Do You Like Most In Your Life: I love my family, friends, food, travelling and meeting new people.Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 15.40.22

Why Did You Choose EVS: Because it seems like a great opportunity to experience Polish culture while getting to know people from all over Europe.

What Are Your Expectations: I would love to develop my skills, explore my strengths and just have an amazing, multicultural time.

What can you share with other people, what can you speak about at schools? I can tell something about German culture and traditions, especially from the Southern region. I am interested in (German) history, but also in religion, politics and economics. I especially like subjects, where this disciplines collide or interact.  I love everything that has something to do with food like cooking or baking. 


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