Lovely chat with cheerful Isa! Halloo..


Dicle: So, it’s been almost three weeks since you arrived here. What are your first impressions about the city, people ? ( Be honest eheh)

Isa: When I arrived, I thought that I will like everyone and everyone is nice but I wouldn’t have thought that it would take only two weeks and we’re close, we know each other quite good until now. We’ve already had so many experiences that brought us together. Yeah, we detected things we have in common, so I feel so at home after two weeks and I wouldn’t have expected that when I arrived first day here. And the city.. I thought that it would be more boring here. I wouldn’t have expected so many possibilities to do things here. That was very surprising and I like being in the centre of the city, close to everywhere. It’s only a few minutes to walk or ride bicycle to anywhere. I didn’t do that until now, I should do more..

Dicle: What about the organization, your cooperation with the other people?

Isa: I like the Polish volunteers and having opportunity to see them around. I wouldn’t have thought that it would be that stressful. Of course it is very helpful to have you, to show us around and show us how everything works because I think otherwise I would miss this help and it makes things easier. Also, it depends so much on whom you’re working because all of us have our own way of working and yeah, you can cooperate with some of them better and with some of them more difficult.

Dicle: Do you think at the end of your project, you’ll be improved your skills?

Isa: Of course I think so. Even until now, I learned to use two computer programs I’ve never used before, to edit videos.. What I really also recognize now is that today was the first day I didn’t feel nervous or anxious when I had presentation. So, it was really nice to feel comfortable standing in front of the students. I think this is one of the things I will really learn here, spontanity and just relaxing way of handling unexpected situations and incidents. But also yes everyone has their own way of working and somehow you learn how to deal with that and adjust to each other’s way.

Dicle: What about your plans after EVS?

Isa: I want to continue with my post-graduate studies. Yeah, for me it’s a good and useful way to spend my time between under-graduate and post-graduate studies and to make this intercultural experiences. Cause it’s so crazy to live all together from different nations. How many nations, six???

Dicle: Mmh, Greek, Spanish, Romanian, German, Turkish, French and Italian. So 12 people from 7 different nations.

Isa: And also the Polish environment.. So it’s amazing to get to know this variety of cultures. Also everyone is different, even if Aykut and you are from the same country, you’re different, you have different ways of thinking and understanding. And I like to see and observe those things around me.


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