Energetic, diligent, funny.. γειά σου Stamatis!

Dicle:  Hello Stamatis, how are you doing?

Stamatis: Hello Dicle, thank you. What about you?

Dicle: I’m fine, too. It’s been almost 2 months and you’re at the end of your project. How is the life going on?

Stamatis:  It’s amazing, I didn’t expect to do so many things. In the beginning I was very anxious but I enjoyed from all the things we did so much. The tasks we did with the kids were perfect for me.

Dicle:  Have you ever done those activities in your life before coming here?

Stamatis:  No no no never. I have only 3 cousins and I love spending time with them, they like me also :)) But it was my first experience with the children as a couch and sometimes teacher especially in English. 

Dicle:  Yeah, you were always energetic and cheerful that everybody loved you. What was the best day you spent in Leszno?

Stamatis:  Mmmh.. I think it was the ‘Europe Day’. I was very anxious about that day but at the end we had great time with the kids and youngsters. I also danced with a Greek song on the stage in front of many people in Rynek and that was a different experience. I realized that the most important part is to have fun and that day I had sooo much fun.

Dicle: Good to hear that. Well, which experiences you gained during your stay in Poland, personally and professionally?

Stamatis: Personally I gained a lot of experience. First, I have more faith in myself now. Because if you asked me 2 months ago whether I could do these things or not, I would say that’s not my thing at all. After coming here, I managed to do all the tasks I was given. So at the end I believe in myself and if I try, I can do anything. Nothing’s impossible after all. Also I thought it would be difficult to cooperate with all the people and get to know everyone but I made so good friendships and our chemistry with the others was very nice. I pushed my limits and complexes, now I’m more relaxed in my mind. 

Dicle:  We had so much fun all together! What was the hardest thing during this experince?

Stamatis:  At the beginning, it was to overcome my homesickness, not to miss my friends, girlfriend and family.. But at the end, the experiences I had here helped me to have a great time here. 

Dicle: So, what’s next then?

Stamatis:  Uuuh.. A lot of things’re coming to my mind. Before I came here, I didn’t know what to do with my life but now I want to do many things. I’m curious how I will manage to do all of them. :)) First of all, I have to go to the army because it’s mandatory and graduate this summer. I have one more course to pass and complete my thesis and master degree. I want to find some other active ways to interact and communicate with other people. My aim is to do something which involves other people. This is what I realized for myself after EVS.

Dicle:  Would you like to do another EVS?

Stamatis: Yes, why not.. I think it’s a great oppurtunity to learn more, meet with other people, see their point of views, live in a different country and to be yourself. 

Dicle: How was Poland and Polish people for you?

Stamatis:  I didn’t expect to like Poland that much. It’s cheap(this is not the main reason though), beautiful. Most of the people I’ve met were nice and friendly. Finally, I have a very good impression about Poland. I couldn’t improve my Polish so much :))

Dicle: Would you like to add anything else??

Stamatis: I see myself as a lucky person to be here. At the beginning it wasn’t a very well-thought decision. I wanted to live in a foreign country because I was jealous of my friends and it was a spontaneous decision to come here. But now, I’m so glad to be a part of this adventure and take this risk for myself because I couldn’t believe that I could achieve all those things.

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