Say ‘Hola’ to Nestor from Spain!

13567120_1365576026790198_2879239834910532352_n Name: Nestor R. Rojo Segui

Age: 21

Study Field: Electric engineering

-What are your interests, hobbies?
In my free time I love to go out and take fresh air, with or without company. I also love sports, like swimming and climbing.
-Why did you choose EVS?
It is one of the best ways to learn about yourself and gain knowledge of people who are ignorant. You self-evaluate yourself day by day in a volunteer service, giving solutions to problems and supporting you with your other project partners. In addition to these, it’s one of the best ways to visit places and get to know about people.
-What do you expect to learn, teach, share?
My main objective here is to improve my English and skills with child treatment. That I have previously had before. Catch up with the youth to understand them. Share my knowledge and experience with them so they can learn with an adult reference.
-What are your strengths and weaknesses, what would you like to improve?
One of my greatest strengths is improvisation and while making explanations in a different language of everything, it helps me a lot..
Another strength that I have is that I am not afraid of the unknown but of what will come to know. It is difficult to understand, but it is something like, a new day does not scare me but what can happen on that new day.
My greatest strength is my mind. It helps me to have a good mood and be aware of everything that happens around me.

Welcome to CAT- Buket!

20180704_153356.jpg Name: Buket ÖZEL

Age: 20

Study Field: Chemical Engineering

-What are your interests, hobbies?

My hobbies are oil painting and sculpturing.

-Why did you choose EVS?

 I chose EVS because I want to learn different cultures and meet with different people. It makes me feel excited.

-What do you expect to learn, teach, share?

I can learn some different cuisines and I can teach some art activities and basic sculptures with clay.

-What are your strenghts and weaknesses, what would you like to improve?

 I don’t give up easily and I am good at finding solutions. I can get so emotional for some situations.

‘Merhaba’ to İnce!

IMG-20180123-WA0004 -Name: Cemre İNCE

-Age: 21

-Study Field:  Political Science and International Relations

-What are your interests, hobbies?

My hobbies are dancing (especially Tango), travelling, spending my time with my friends and exploring and learning new things.

-Why did you choose EVS?

First of all I love to experiencing different cultures and EVS is the best opportunity to learn different cultures during living abroad.  I also want to improve my communication skills.

-What do you expect to learn, teach, share?

  I expect to improve teaching skills, my creativity and  also improve my English. I’d lile to share the Turkish culture with children, and other volunteers during learning their culture; teaching different activities such as dance, and games.

 -What are your strenghts and weaknesses, what would you like to improve?

My strenghts are that I can learn easily and I’m good at working in a team and my weakness is that I’m a little bit shy and I would like to improve my self-confidence.