‘Merhaba’ to İnce!

IMG-20180123-WA0004 -Name: Cemre İNCE

-Age: 21

-Study Field:  Political Science and International Relations

-What are your interests, hobbies?

My hobbies are dancing (especially Tango), travelling, spending my time with my friends and exploring and learning new things.

-Why did you choose EVS?

First of all I love to experiencing different cultures and EVS is the best opportunity to learn different cultures during living abroad.  I also want to improve my communication skills.

-What do you expect to learn, teach, share?

  I expect to improve teaching skills, my creativity and  also improve my English. I’d lile to share the Turkish culture with children, and other volunteers during learning their culture; teaching different activities such as dance, and games.

 -What are your strenghts and weaknesses, what would you like to improve?

My strenghts are that I can learn easily and I’m good at working in a team and my weakness is that I’m a little bit shy and I would like to improve my self-confidence.


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