Selamat datang, Uli!

Name: Dwi Yuliyanti Barokah

Age: 21

Studied field: Financial Management


What Do You Like Most In Your Life: Journey may bring me to the other side, and write it!

Why Did You Choose EVS: I get this information from Dejavato Foundation as my sender organization. The first reason, Europe is the first ocean that I wanna go. I wanna know about the culture, mind set, artistic building, character and any more. I think, it will be different, interesting, and open minded.

What Would you like to share with others in schools/ workshops etc? Actually, there’re many difference culture in Poland and Indonesia. I will share about Indonesian character, the beautiful tourism place in Indonesia, the culture as following the language, dance, song, national costume, and anymore. I wanna share the same and difference something from Indonesia and Poland.

What Are you passionate about? I’m passionate in writing and volunteering. When I was in Indonesia, I active to join several organization, social action and volunteering. But, this’s my first time doing the international event. So, It will be challenging experience. And I like writing, like short story, biograph or novel.


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