>>Dive: in love with these two stunning Volunteers>>

Long-term Volunteering can be challenging sometimes but is nothing too difficult for our new two candidates Aleksandra from Serbia and Belen from Spain. 

The girls freshly arrived 1/11/2018 to 04/09/2019 to dedicate their talents and efforts into the out non-formal way of education, to support our ongoing efforts of equality and freedom and creative learning but also to teach us all there is to know about their own lifestyles back at home and worldly experience, since both have done few exchanges of their own previously . 




Project: Positive Vibes welcomes x10 new souls in Leszno.

Anna RU , Antoine FR, Maja AT, Dimitris GR, Maria ES, Oleh UA, Michelle DE, Bohdan UA, Nadia FR, Sara MK.

A combined effort of footballers & freezbee players, 3d artists, singers, nursery teachers, flamenco dancers among others. Don’t miss out on meeting them 1/11/2018-31/12/2018  .