About us


Fundacja Centrum Aktywności Twórczej is a fully legal non government organisation, existing since 30th  December 2008 in Leszno. Foundation CAT was established from the initiative of young, local activists, engaged in  cultural and educational development of the local community of Leszno.

Energy, creativity, mission and especially a necessity of making a change in local environment gathered already dozens of people between the age of 13 and 30. It is because of the accumulation of the following ideas Foundation CAT was called to existence, aim to stimulate the local community and promoting the idea of voluntary service.

We’re not afraid of new challenges, we do believe that there are no things impossible to make. Our motto is: Voluntary service changes the world. Voluntary service changes us.

We have a wealth of experience in terms of cooperation with business sector, public sector, non-government organizations and polish and international organization networks. We’re a member of euro-Mediterranean Foundation of Anna Lindh.

Also we’re cooperating with Youth for Exchange and Understanding Network. Since 2009 we’re one of the two Eurodesk Centres in Greater Poland.

   Our main targets are concentrated around following areas:

  1. Foreign culture knowledge development:

–  We organize events such as the Festival Cooltur, the International Youth Day, Volunteer Day, International Dinner.

  1. Educating and leisure time planning for youngsters and kids:

–       We conduct language cafes, we organize international youth exchanges, we’re taking part in scholarship programs, we organize semi colonies and daily room classes and conferences.

  1. Stimulation, animation and entertainment:

–       We organize soap making workshops, hand craft workshops, photographic workshops, board games meetings, flashmobs.

Also we’re hosting and sending organisation in European Voluntary Service. We’re conducting projects not only in Europe but also in Africa. We had a pleasure to host volunteers from Ghana, Georgia, Portugal, Spain, Moldova, Macedonia, Ukraine, Serbia, France, Egypt, Tunis, Turkey, Jordan and many more countries.

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