Ladies and Gentlemen We present you India.

Amit our volunteer from North India had the opportunity to present his country last Thursday 25/5/2017 at local library . He has an excellent taste for spice and healthy food. Being Vegetarian himself he had shown us his culinary skills.



Making Chapaty (bread) mushroom Do Pyaja ( stewed mushroom dish) and more. Finishing with sweet rice dessert  “Khir”. Bearing cashew nuts and raisins, slowly cooked on milk. We had a great turn over of locals to learn about Indian culture and to taste the great dishes.

“I love presenting my country and the opportunity I have to talk about my culture and all the differences we have with European countries. I hope I will have more opportunity soon to show my great country in other occasions. I love cooking and hand making all the dishes we’ve had such a fun experience cooking for this event. I’ve showed my fellow colleagues how is it done and some of them had a go at making their own Chapaty breads. “

France vs Great Britain

21 February 2017

The event organized by CAT took place at Leszno library. The topic was about the rivalry between France and United Kingdom. It was a presentation by James, Daniel and Nicolas; French versus British. Both teams prepared separately a PowerPoint putting in value the traditions and the culture of their respective countries, but also the stereotypes that they have about their rival. Margarida, Tania and Miglė put the both power points in one, to have one final version. The presentation took the shape of a battle between the two teams and the goal was to make the audience laugh. The presentation ended on a friendly note with the French and UK cooperation. Our guest enjoyed French and British light snacks prepared by the two teams: Victoria’s sponge, Quiche Lorraine, Truffes au chocolate etc.

A very big thank you for the two translators that’s helped us in presenting the rival countries.


Kindergarden Europe Trip

We was in Rynek for Kindergarden Europe Trip.200 kids joined this event.There had many stands about countries.Germany,Czech Republic,France,Denmark,Netherland and Italy.Also our Italian volunteer Valeria had stand.It was so beneficial for them.Fun way to learn good !

Valeria says;

It was good event with good organization;the kids were divided in a perfect way so they can stay in each station and listened the explanatio about every contry.With me they were s cute,they answered to my questions and in general they were active.

I choose to showed them some Italian words because I tought that for them could be more easy to remember and also interesting to heard new sounds.

I was tired in the end but happy because I like to share the informations about my country and I really Like when people aske me something about Italy.

fotoğraf (1).JPG


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Turkish presentation in the library

Last week, we introduced the Turkey.We showed our history,culture,food,sport,art and so much things about Turkey.We had fun because people liked our presantation.

turquia 1

We talk about some interesting traditional rule.For example I told;If a man wants to marry with a woman.He has to go to her parent’s home and he has to ask her parent’s about accept the marriage.Than after she has to prepare turkish coffee (normally turkish coffee making with just only sugar or without sugar)but she puts salt,pepper and spice on groom’s coffee.If he finishes this coffee  it’s meaning ; I have limitless patience for you and I love you !

turquia 3

We showed so much video about Turkey.Also we prepared henna night and we bring real henna and showed people.On the other hand we made Turkish foods,desserts,snacks and drinks ; Acuka,Haydari,Kısır,Açma,Helva,Cacık,Lokma,Havuç Borani and Patates Salatası.

turquia 2

Estonian presentation, according to the public’s view

Our turkish volunteer, Gizem, attended Estonian presentation in the library of Leszno and wrote some lines for us to know how it was this experience for her.

We flew in Estonia last Wednesday thanks to Alex who is one of EVS volunteers in CAT Foundation. On this day, weather was very snowy looks like Estonia’s weather. Alex brought this weather from Estonia to participants.

alex 1

We learned where is Estonia, Estonian culture, traditional foods, history, nature and important places. Also we had information about stereotypes from Estonia.For example, what do you think about? Estonia is a part of Russia or not. Maybe, some of you said ‘Yes’ but Alex said Estonia is not part of Russian.

alex 2

He told most important things about Estonia. Everybody knows that the capital of Estonia is Tallin but we learned Estonia has more than one capital. Capitals are divived as winter and summer. Otepää is winter and Pärnu is summer capital of Estonia. This situation was so interesting. Of course, Tallin is capital and he gave more information about Tallin. Old town of Tallin is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and this city was so beautiful.

alex 3

Do you know that skype was invented by Estonian people? Thanks to Estonian people, everybody can see easily person who lives far away.

Firstly, participants had information about Estonian foods and then they had opportunities to taste these which are Pıkkpoiss ehk hakklihapats, Kartulisalat, Heeringas koorekastmes, Taidetud munad, Eesti marineerit ananasi and Purukook. All of these were so delicious.

alex 4

alex 5

Thank you so much Alex.

Brazilian presentation at the library

In my presentation about Brazil in the library of Leszno, I wanted to show people more than soccer and carnival, I wanted to show Brazil through my eyes.

br pres 3

The people who attended the event could learn something about Amazon forest, the animals and the people who live there. About the Pantanal and the wet land life. They found out that we have cold and sometimes snowy days in our Southern and that in our Northern we have beautiful warm beaches and no cold at all and how different people are from North to South.

They also had the opportunity to taste some Brazilians recipes: feijoada, pão de queijo and brigadeiro, besides listening to some Brazilian songs.

br pres 2

My favorite moment was, at the end of the presentation, when a capoeira group from Leszno did a demonstration of the dance and also explained about this important example of our culture.

br pres 1

 I hope everyone enjoyed because I did 😀

PULI and LÁNGOS : Travelling in Hungary!

After summer vacation in September the cultural evenings continued in the city library.

It was the first time that people from Leszno could meet with Hungary – country rich in history, beautiful places to visit, gastronomy and culture.

The evening was lead by Veronika from Hungary, who did her presentation in Polish, although she is just learning the language. First she took the audience to a trip into the Hungarian history – they got acquainted with the legend of the miraculous hind, the conquest, revolutions and wars, but also with mighty kings, national heroes and great inventors.

Then there was a travel tour throughout Hungary – to inspiring cities, amazing lake Balaton, region Hortobágy with horses and Hungarian grey cattle, blooming lake of river Tisza, and the beautiful capital – Budapest.

The audience was very active, they took part in a quiz about Hungarian curiosities. After it, everybody knew that PULI is a Hungarian dog which looks like a big running mop, ROVÁSÍRÁS is the old Hungarian script in runes used until nowadays, and ABC means not only the alphabet but also grocery. People were even not afraid of a quick lesson of Hungarian language which is considered as one of the most difficult languages.

Here you can find the dinamic presentation that Veronika explained during the cultural evening:

At the end of the cultural evening the guests couldn’t miss the degustation. People could taste Hungarian food specialities as lángos (deep fried flat bread), somlói galuska (the best Hungarian cake), pogácsa and sandwiches with  (spicy spread made from cottage cheese) and with the best Hungarian salami PICK.  Of course, there was a lot of paprika too. There was also a small exhibition of Hungarian folk art, picture-books about Hungary, inventions like Rubik cube or ball-point pen.







Italian journey…cultural presentation!

In these months in Leszno Giulia, a Italian girl, is doing a EVS experience. She presented her country to local community in a cultural evening on 23rd June.
At the beginning people could make a tour in Italian cities and natural places, like Alps, Venice, Tuscany, Rome, Naples.

But they also discovered some curiosities about famous foods, as pizza, carbonara, lasagne.

In the second part of her presentation, Giulia told about Italian history and traditions like carnival masks or why moped was called “Vespa”.

At the end there was a compare between polish and Italian languages through some expressions; Giulia tried to read polish version and she taught Italian version. Her presentation finished with a funny moment in which she showed some of famous Italian gestures that in Italy people use to say for example “ I’m hungry”, “I want spaghetti”.

In the room there was the fragrances of Italian food that Giulia prepared for the degustation. There were three different kinds of Bruschetta: with chili, with oregano and with tomatoes, people could taste a “Caprese pasta” that’s is a recipe from Naples. Giulia would prepared a food from her city, Treviso, so there was also Tiramisù.

As gifts, everybody could take a little scroll in which there was a Italian recipe that polish people can try to do at home!



11655126_852693774806193_33694579_n (1)

Greetings from the Eastern neighbour

Cultural evenings organized by CAT Foundation in the Public library of Leszno have already become a good tradition. On 26 of May it was a turn of a Ukrainian volunteer Hanna to show locals the traditions of her country, the best places for a visit, and, of course, surprise people with degustation of the typical Ukrainian dishes.

It was very nice that a majority of people who came to the cultural evening were connected to Ukraine somehow. Some of them had relatives there, were born or lived there for some time, and some people even spoke Ukrainian a little bit!

Hanna took us to a short trip all around Ukraine, showed the most important holidays, explained the situation with Ukrainian and Russian languages (a lot of people speak Russian in Ukraine despite they are not Russians), current political situation in Ukraine, and, we had an opportunity to sing the most popular Ukrainian song Ty zh mene pidmanula!

As usually a cultural evening finished with a degustation of Ukrainian food cooked by Hanna. Ukrainian Borsch, Vinegret, Olivier salad, and some other dishes brought a lot of delight to everybody. By one dish called Syrnyky (kind of sweet fried quark pancakes) was especially loved, so a lot of people even asked for a recipe!

The evening finished with a lot of questions and private talks. That evening in the library you could really feel very worm atmosphere.








¡Viva España!


The citizens of Leszno already got used to the cultural evenings organized by CAT Foundation. On 28 of April they had an opportunity to attend another one and meet a representative of a new country – Spain!

Hita, a Spanish volunteer, did his best to present his country. He was very confident during the presentation, as it was his second cultural evening in CAT, but his enterpreters, pupils from Gymnasium 4 in Leszno, had to combat stress as it was their first experience.

We travelled all around Spain breaking stereotypes, learning about the traditions, differences among regions, best events and festivals.  The audience felt a spirit of Tomatina, Fallas, corrida, pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, felt relaxed because of siesta and had fun on fiesta.  While travelling through the South of Spain we could feel a spirit of flamenco and try kitesurfing. In the end, as always, we had a degustation of Spanish food. Tortilla de patatas, ensalada murciana, tapas, sweets from Alicante and some other dishes became a pleasant end of the evening.

Unfortunately, Hita already finished his project, so Spanish cultural evening was also an occasion to say him good bye and ask everything what people wanted to know about Spain.