Eurocamp Gim Nr 4

Our volunteers  was in Gim Nr 4 for Eurocamp.Francesco told us his  first Eurocamp experience;

Our group for this “Eurocamp” was composed of about four people: Francesco, Valeria, Emrah and Charlotte. We should make some energizers and conversation games. Initially everyone was a little bit shy, but with our motivation we managed everything to create a more comfortable and funny situation: we started with name games to know more people as possible. The important fact about that game is that we connected a particular gesture for everyone: eventually every guy had the possibility to mime that gesture. After that we played a lot of games and we made a lot of conversation thanks to “Taboo”.

Working with young people gave us the opportunity to refine and improve our capacity to stay with them: helping someone to collaborate and to make conversation in English is always a pleasure for us, even if sometimes can appear a little bit difficult. We managed everything in a perfect way and we can say that everyone was totally satisfied.

We didn’t do the third lesson because there was a particular celebration in the main hall: the teacher invited us to join and we had a lot of fun observing people singing, enjoying and collaborating together for remembering the “Independence Day”.



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Eurocamp in Fundacja CAT

Children visit us in our foundation for Eurocamp.They came from Piaski.We played a lot of game.Our volunteers whose from Italy,Turkey and Spain presented their culture.Children learned a lot of things with play.

Also we did marshmallow challenge,conditioner dough and ”3 in line’!End of the camp we gave certificate and gift them 🙂  So we had fun ! See you in next Eurocamp !



Eurocamp in Osieczna



On 13th and 14th of June 2016 I was in Osieczna for my first summer camp during my EVS program and I can say that was good. Altough the weather wasn’t good, me and the other volunteers were able to manage the situation and the results were nice. We started with dances and energizers but after we tryed to create a good balance between energy and quiet activities. All of us had prepared two o three activities that could be games or workshops (artistic or artcraft). We tryed to connected all our activities with Europe because in this way we can have fun and in the same time teach something important about our Nations and Europe in general.

Children were enthusiastic and, altought everyone has different inclinations, they participated without flinching and, in the end, they liked all our proposals.



Supergirls in GM n 2 for EUROCAMP

One more group of students in GM n2 received the visit of CAT volunteers for EUCAMP activities. The new long terms Valeria from Italy and Ozge from Turkey, together with our short terms Elif and Merve also from Turkey and our old long term Luiza from Brazil join the class for a day of fun and learning.

This day was special because every time a group won a task, they received marshmallows as a prize.

We also had a chat about Erasmus Plus, volunteering and CAT activities.

The best moment was at the end when one of the students said he wanted more games and another one said we were the super girls.

The super volunteers of CAT are already waiting for the next EUROCAMP and it can be in YOUR SCHOOL.






Eurocamp in GM n 4

EUROCAMPS is an amazing team building experience to volunteers, because we plan and work together during 8 hours with the same group. We need to share the activities in a way that will not be boring or tiring both for volunteers and students, and that way do not loose energy from both sides.


We started with a creativity game, made to wake the youngs up and prepare them for what is coming. With the brain already working 100%, we participated in a game about Europe and culture knowledge about it. Following it some sportive games to relax a bit after a lot of thinking. A quickly break and it is time to think again and learn about famous European people. We finished the day with energizers and evaluation, but everything in a non-formal way.