Final Reports/April-June

Dicle final report:

Isa’s Final Report

A poster full of friendship, experience, travel, fun, challenge! 🙂


Niki’s Final Report

A tree of the friendship, experiences, feelings.. 🙂


Loredana’s Final Report

A box full of comments and advices for the old volunteers and the next volunteers in the future! 🙂


Final Evaluation/April-June

IMG_4991We already said goodbye to our short term volunteers. Here we have what we prepared before they finished their projects. Creating a colorful tree with our feelings, experiences, advices to each other was didactive and enlightning. Because it was a flashback to last two months and we had the oppurtunity to review what we went through. We wrote the feelings we had; excitement, happiness, stress, tension, fun; the knowledge we gained professionally, culturally and personally; our advices to each other for the future…

IMG_4992 We also created a map of Leszno with the main places we spent our time all together. EVS map consisted of our houses, Slowianska and the Luxury House. 🙂 The cafes, pubs where we went to have fun. Of course the train station which was the first stop to our EVS life. The funny moments we had, Nuria’s bicycle and Stamatis’ finger accident.. 🙂 The concert event that we went together and danced, had soo much fun.. 🙂

Mariana has presented us with her Final Report.

What was the hardest thing during these two months? –

“The hardest part was definitely leaving! It seems it’s a short time (and in fact time flies!) but being two months together with the same people really brings you close to them and the memories you create make you more attached to a place than you think. Also, the travelling was fun but the planning was exhaustive sometimes, especially when things don’t go according to your plan (when you miss a train or a bus and you have to wait for the next one for at least 4 hours). But it doesn’t matter if things don’t go as you wished at first because at the end they give you the best stories ever!”

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Sussane -Final Report-Cat- Leszno.

My EVS in Poland

I had a short-term volunteering in Leszno in Fundacja centrum Aktywnosi. For me the best thing was to be able to apply my artistic skills in workshops with kids. I was also happy to be able to run some drug conversations to prevent people starting using drugs. The second best thing was to meet great people from different countries and learn to know about their countries. No regrets! Lots of great experiences.

GULSHAT is saying goodbye to Cat.

I thought for a long time about my final report and then decided that a writer should write. Of course, I can write endlessly about my two-month project in Leszno: I learned so many new things, met so many friends, get new experience and skills, that this project will influence my life long after finishing. First of all, I want to thank all the wonderful people I worked this time with – people from CAT, local and foreign volunteers. I`m still here, but I’ve already started missing everyone. To be honest, I would like to take everyone with me to Russia. But I will take only my memories, photographs and invaluable experience. In Leszno, I even thought about changing the sphere of activity. I have a successful career, but perhaps I will be more happy working with children. Also I realized, that I can organize and hold events in English. And I can speak it from morning till night and without going mad, even at first I thought I will. I am grateful to the organization for the opportunity to realise everything we wanted – for all support.

I gained not only professional skills and experience, the project became for me an accelerated course of personal development. I saw myself from the side and realized that it’s time to leave in the past some habits and have another ones as an everyday routine. It`s amazing to be in a place, where no one knows your past. Your experience, education, connections have no value where people will evaluate you according to what you are now. And this is an opportunity to evaluate yourself. At first I realized that my old behavioral patterns are not working for a long time and I got a lot of stress. And my main achievement on the project was that I successfully coped with it without other`s help.

I will take several new fairy tales and projects from Leszno, to which I was inspired by the culture and traditions of Poland. I will take away memories of my dear people and wonderful moments spent together. I really hope that I will return once to this cozy and friendly town.