Final Reports/April-June

Dicle final report:

Isa’s Final Report

A poster full of friendship, experience, travel, fun, challenge! 🙂


Niki’s Final Report

A tree of the friendship, experiences, feelings.. 🙂


Loredana’s Final Report

A box full of comments and advices for the old volunteers and the next volunteers in the future! 🙂



Name : AYKUT DOYRAN Age : 24


What Do You Like Most In Your Life? : I mostly like being in the nature.

Why Did You Choose EVS? : I woul like to learn Polish and I like taking part in activities so, EVS is the best chance to do group works. Secondly, I like being a helpful person.

What Are Your Expectations? : I wish to get new friends, sharing skills and to have fun while doing my duties.yalkut

What do you hope to share with other people during your stay in Poland ? I would like to share my culture, I would like to share my experinces while having fun. I would be glad that, to find my creative ways for teaching in non formal way and I want to get new friendships that will give me new experiences. I would love to give all power to young people that I want to help them to be aware of human rights and finding their strengths. I can cook Turkish cuisine well. I would like to manage Turkish folkloric dances.

What would be your best attributes? To be good listener, to be patient, my friends say that, I’m kind and responsible person.

New bird in town, say “Merhaba” to new long term Volunteer.

Maëlle : What was your first impression of the city?
Dicle : It was so quiet and silent, i’m used to see smiling people all the time in my city, but here people looked so depressed.. and I don’t know..there is distance between them. But everything is in order, clean, and it’s good but it would be better if I would see the people more happy, cheerful!
M : Are you afraid of the weather?
Dicle : No! Hum actually sometimes because I’ve seen snow only one time in my country. And in the city where I used to live it would be only raining. And in the winter there is still sun, but I am not afraid of the weather, i am afraid of getting sick.
Maëlle : What do you want to share with people?
Dicle : I would like to share my passion for travelling, camping, trekking, outdoor activities,i would like to inspire and help people, broaden their horizons, help them to have new hobbies. I would like to share what I Iove about cinema, art, you know..painters…
Maëlle : So what kind of art do you prefer? You asked me this question and now I want your answer :
Dicle : I am interested in paintings especially, visiting museums.. Not photography but cinema, watching big directors movies..My favorite is Godard!

Maëlle : Ah French director! Which films of Godard?
Dicle : My favorite is “A bout de Souffle”.

Maëlle : Do you want to personalize our room a little bit? It’s a little bit white..
Dicle : Yes we can do this! I would love to, first we have to find materials!
Maëlle : Do you think you can survive with the money?
Dicle: Yes I can survive, and mostly I am going to spend money for food, but also a part will go for the different trips that I am planning.

Maëlle : Where do you want to go?
Dicle: Everywhere… Especially France because of the movies you know.. 🙂 And a place in Netherland that is very nice!

Maëlle : Would you like to visit those places during your 10 months?
Dicle : Yes during my free time!

Maëlle: What do you think about the organization, after 2 days here?
Dicle : I think it’s cheerful, we have activities in the office, today the training about human right was very interesting, we learn new things, we got to know each other personalities and cultures through acting, sculturing, drawing, writing,..It’s better than my expectations actually!

Name : Dicle Kaya Age: 22

Studies Field : English Language Teaching, Education

What Do You Like Most :I love travelling and being on the road, meeting with people from different backgrounds and stories. Also I love camping, being in the heart of the mother nature, feeling pure freedom. Moreover, I like helping people to discover their capabilities and to broaden their horizon. That’s why I chose my study field as language teaching.

Why Did You Choose EVS? :16864847_1808063716110796_5784202330291638289_n
Because I think EVS gives me the oppurtunity to live in a different culture and observe the diversified point of views and behaviours. My ambition of non-stop learning, improving myself, enriching cognition and culture helped me to decide to do EVS. Also, I love voluntary actions and I thought that I can contribute with my ideas and work.

What Are Your Expectations? :

I expect to absorb different cultures and languages in all perspectives, experience the Polish life style. In addition to these, my expectations are to make lifelongfrienships and strenghten the sense of voluntariness through activities.

What do you hope to share with other people during your stay in Poland ?

I hope to share my creative drama knowledge because I believe that it can be beneficial in developing and creating performances especially with the children and making the atmosphere more sincere and funny. I would like to share some basic parts of the Turkish traditions and culture through cooking, dancing and acting. Also I hope to share my passion for travelling and backpacking.

What would be your best attributes?

As my best attributes, I can say that I am very open-minded and compatible. I can easily adapt to different places and people. I believe that I have the power to inspire people to realize their own competences. Actually, this is the first reason why I am a teacher. As Gandhi says “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I have the sufficient energy to make people believe that they can do anything. Besides, I am a very creative and responsible person, I have the knowledge for how to make my lessons and activites, projects more productive and interesting.

New animal lover at Cat Foundation, Ruben

Name :  Rubén Martín

Age :  25

Studies Field :  Law


What Do You Like Most In Your Life? : Travel, meet new cultures and new people from all over the world. I like sports too.

Why Did You Choose EVS? : I love working in non-governmental organizations and help people so I´m here to improve myself and give my best. Is a really good way to learn new languages.

What Are Your Expectations? :  I want to enjoy a lot with the people that I will met and remember this experience forever. I will be here for 10 months so it´s a new life and I want to discover Poland.

What do you hope to share with other people during your stay in Poland ? I want to share my spanish culture, my language, and cook a good paella. Although I have worked in a non-governmental organization helping people, I have also worked as a lawyer and I can try to create some activities to make this job more attractive.

What would be your best attributes? I really like to speak in public, organize events and prepare dynamic activities. I love play football and teach football to the kids.

Kindergarten approved, kiddie certified!!!!!

We had a successful day at Jana Kazimierza nursery with the new volunteers Amit and Ramazan accompanying a long term volunteer Tetyana, who’s presented her country of origin for young ones. There was maps creating, dancing and video presentation but most of all lots of warm embraces right from the start and kisses. Thanks to the help of the English teacher at the school we were able to communicate easily with the youth. We hope to make their little hearts warm up again soon with another country presentation shortly.

Turkish culture is back at CAT

Name :Ramazan YORULMAZ

Studied field: Hıng school

What Do You Like Most In Your Life: Travel-cook and eat

Why Did You Choose EVS: Because I have done before ıt was so nıce to be ın EVS

What Are Your Expectations: When I go back to my home I want to people remember me always J

What can you share with other people, what can you speak about at schools?

I can share wıth people my culture and I can teach them how to cook. I would also like to try to teach them my language. For the younger generation I will practice dance.

France vs Great Britain

21 February 2017

The event organized by CAT took place at Leszno library. The topic was about the rivalry between France and United Kingdom. It was a presentation by James, Daniel and Nicolas; French versus British. Both teams prepared separately a PowerPoint putting in value the traditions and the culture of their respective countries, but also the stereotypes that they have about their rival. Margarida, Tania and Miglė put the both power points in one, to have one final version. The presentation took the shape of a battle between the two teams and the goal was to make the audience laugh. The presentation ended on a friendly note with the French and UK cooperation. Our guest enjoyed French and British light snacks prepared by the two teams: Victoria’s sponge, Quiche Lorraine, Truffes au chocolate etc.

A very big thank you for the two translators that’s helped us in presenting the rival countries.


Winter Workshops with CAT

Winter workshops:

February in CAT:
Winter workshops are organized by CAT foundation during winter break between 30th of January and 10th of February. Our goal was to entertain children and youngsters of Leszno in order to present them to other cultures and to teach them some skills. We were divided in small groups and were sent to different places around Leszno.
First week, we were going to Lasocice and to Leszno’s schools. We had the opportunity to introduce our land and culture to kids- between 6 and 10 years old. The presentations consist on showing the map, showing some photos from landscapes, the best places to go and basic facts and cultural games (teaching them some basic words from each language). The countries involved were Greece, France, Italy, Lithuania, Finland, Spain and Portugal. Between these cultural presentations we organized some workshops involving recycling objects, handmade crafts, juggling and magic but also games and sports activities. Apart from that the English volunteer and the Ukrainian volunteer, James and Tetyana , were in the Lenguage commutation project concentrating on CVs’ and team building activities in the Ekonomic school of Leszno. Ida, the Finnish volunteer said “At first, the contact with the kids was difficult because of the barrier of the language. But after get to know them and games, they were really active and excited.

During second week, we changed from Lasocice to Trzebiny, another little town near Leszno. The kids were really passionate about everything and to get to know new things. Miglė, the Lithuanian volunteer said “I didn’t expect that kids would be so creative”. In addition, we learnt that with kids we cannot follow the schedule and just do things according with their personalities. At the end of the week we’ve had the opportunity to participate in a Carnaval party for all the little once.

Furthermore, the English communication workshops continue to work but with other volunteers involved, practicing with the youngsters and develop their language capacities with games and team building activities. In this week we also had the Italian Communication Workshop, we taught first the basics of language beginning from the grammar rules and then using not formal activities to help youngsters to memorize the words. Then we specifically spoke about sentences that can be useful for working in restaurants. Generally the young were very interested in the lessons, and I was so surprised to see so much interest and curiosity.

Let’s not forget the activities we’ve had for Action Reaction group. We all took turns and involved our young participants in amazing ideas around the city. We’ve created our own version of a Leszno map, we’ve placed all best places to visit and even did a bit of modern art by getting Leszno known graffiti in the journal.

What an Amazing time !!!

We will miss you Iida, long term volunteer at CAT Fundacja.

Your EVS testimonial:

I can’t IMAGINE that today nine months in Poland, in Leszno ended. Nine months haven’t ever passed so quickly before…it was like an eye-blink. I already miss people and Leszno, my second family and home Words are not enough to describe what I experienced… but let me try. 
In nine months, I travelled inside and outside of Poland (even to drink one cafe in Liechtenstein), played A LOT with children, told about Finnish culture in schools, arranged initiatives, taught english, played volleyball every Thursday, started to understand Polish sarcasm, met lots of beautiful people, sang karaoke in Cegla every Tuesday, tasted pirogies (and not only once…), went for an air-balloon flight and Tarzan park, walked 50 km, learned from other cultures, went to Woodstock festival and did other things that I laughed afterwards !
I did not only get new friends but a new family which I will never forget. I did not only spend time with other volunteers but also I grew with them.
I also had the best mentor who always helped me and fulfilled my craziest dreams. For example she walked 50 km with me!!! Who would really do that? 
These people were my best teachers and the subject they were teaching was life. Actually, I felt that I really started to live in Poland.
One of the best things was not only to know better who I am, but also to know who I want to be. 
Now, I know that I will always have a second family in Poland and lots of family members all around the world. 
I can’t thank enough other volunteers, my mentor, CAT team, LESZNO and other people who were somehow dragged to my volunteer period 😉 Thank you for the best time of my life (so far)! I wish you all the best! I don’t say goodbye but see you 

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Name :  Iida Piipponen

Age :  19

Studies Field :  I graduated from upper secondary school and now I am having a gap year

What Do You Like Most In Your Life? :  I love singing, acting, playing the piano, dance, write, read good books, having tea moments with chocolate for a long time, learning new things, exploring the world, discussing for hours in a candle light and with cup of tea, seeing people smiling, hugs, watching stars, relaxing moments, little things in life, getting to know people deeply…I love many things. I love life itself.

Why Did You Choose EVS? :  Because I had a dream of having a gap year and to do volunteering abroad. So here I am fulfilling my dream! Moreover, I want to live in new country and culture and learn everything I can from it. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and EVS is a perfect opportunity to do so.

What Are Your Expectations? :  I expect lifelong friends, fundamental experiences, lots of laugh, using my skills and find out new ones in a project and to see more of this beautiful world. In addition, I expect to improve my weaknesses such as time management and organizing.

What can you share with other people, what can you speak about at schools…? I can share music and theater skills, my energy and positive attitude, knowledge I have, my other skills such as playing the piano, photographing, yoga, languages and writing. I can speak about my interests, Finnish culture, language and nature and give inspirational speeches about different topics such as dreams, love, happiness and being who you are.