Short Term January-March

Hello everyone online,

We are the group in Leszno who is going to entertain the Town. To start, everyone is going to be presented. So, we are going to represent each other. Just check and you are always invited to visit us here, on the blog, or during our activities.



What can I said about my dear friend Taief… He is this kind of quiet people that have a lot to say. He don’t waist the time in say stupid things, so when he say something, for sure it’s gonna be something interesting. I really love his calm and the way that he has for live the life.
We have the same passion, the photography, and for sure we are going to have good projects about this together. You will see in this blog 😉

 Jose Hita

 It is not easy to talk about of a cool girl who came from Spain… it is not easy because that would make her an ordinary girl … and she has nothing ordinary. Her name is Julia. How to define it? And our friendship? A strange connection is what i can say … maybe our cultural aspects have brought us closer. Julia is a directly person, outspoken but at the same time kind and above all, she is genuine.. “she is what she is” and not what people want it to be!

 Fernando Domingues

 WANTED! Her name is Nino. You can identify her because she is always singing with a wonderful voice. Don’t be tempted to ask her to play the guitar, you won’t want her to stop EVER. And above all, do not even think about trying any of the soups she can cook, the rest of the soups won’t taste good anymore!

 Julia Rodríguez

 I’m Amr from Egypt. I’m most punctual and targeted person who knows how to achieve the goal or how can be at time in the destination place .In the morning my main task is to wake up earlier and repeat the sentence (go guys wake up we have only 20 minutes for everything) we will be at the time more or less but we must to wait girls, we know why we’re going to the office, why we are in hurry, because Adam or Magda are waiting us, If are not both of them there will be Olga for sure. I am small Zinedin Zidan. I like football very much and have liked it more when I was playing in the snow. It was exciting. I’m playing football in my country twice a week or more . I like eating, but not more than Nika. I am only 28 years old and all the life in front of me and waiting new challenges. So I’m so happy that I’m participating in this project. I am thinking about the new ideas and how to realize it.

Warm Regards from Amr

 Nika Chiqovani

 Gigia her name is Gigia STOP calling her Maria, our Italian volunteer, full of energy, sometimes she’s on the clouds, but when she is here; you can see it, hear it and feel it. NO MORE prejudice about Italian hand speaking and gestural: even if she do but want admit it, on the names of everybody I can say WE MISS YOU and am already sorry for the weit you have to carry for me J.

 Argoubi Taief

 Tarara rara rara ra ra… Tararara ra rarara… I am the dancer girl, who is always shaking my body and applauding. I am always smiling as well. So, I love music. I love to be in love. I love go out and met new people and dance till to be a new day. Nice to meet you: I am from Turkey and I really want to share it with you. By the way, my name is Burce, nice to meet you.

 Mara Rodrigues

 Hello Leszno,

I’m Mara Rodrigues from Portugal, I’ll be here for 2 months and we’re gonna have lots of fun, wake up people get up and jog move your body kick some ass. Let’s go to party drink juice (you know what I mean). I love animals so much, I miss my dogs ! Bring me my dogs… I have the best cappuccino ever, thanks to our flat mate volunteers it’s running out. Girls! stop steeling my cappuccino ! I am just kidding…I’m eager to see Poland, travel a lot and get to know Polish people. Mara was the last but not the least, she got the beat she is the beast.

 Nino Maghlakelidze

 Hello Everyone,

Being here for the past two weeks has been lots of fun, I really love the food; especially polish bananas. In case you’re wondering who I am. I’m Nika from Georgia, I’m 21 years old and I really love to EAT! Drink and sleep too of course. You can see me making a fool out of myself sometimes but I do it to entertain the demanding crowds. I’m light hearted and I enjoy drawing a smile on people’s faces. But hey! I’m full of surprises; get to know me better and you’ll see for yourself 😉

Farah Hijazi

 Fernandinho, oops I mean Fernando… Portugal is my home and Portuguese food & wine are my love. I love taking photos and working on them by Photoshop to reach perfection. Or on other occasions just to joke around ;). I’m a very sweet guy. I joke all the time and I like to scare people. My trick is to stare deep in their eyes and start freaking them out with my “smoothest and cheesiest” lines ever. But really I am just kidding. “or maybe I am not, mmmmm” 😉

 Amr Arafa

 Hita is a good Spanish cooker. One of the most things i like hım, I like his piercings. He is helpfull, good-looking, gentleman. At the moment I don’t know a lot of things about him because we didn’t spent too much time together but we still have 2 months to get known each other.

 Burçe Ulubilgin

 Farah is from Jordan and and she is an incredible artist and kickass fighter. Fun, strong, creative, she’s full of resources and she’ll never cease to amaze you. She may be small , but I would strongly advice you not get on her way and not to underestimate the power her kicks. She paints, she writes, she plays guitar, she sings (kind of) and she can even control her dreams, not to mention how beautiful she is. One short coming? DO NOT TRUST HER COOKING!