Salut Audrey, from France

Name : Audrey CHAFFARD
Age : 24
Studies Field :Management and AnimationIMG_20170819_153948

What Do You Like Most In Your Life?

I love travelling in other countries and city for discover new places and meeting new people, to know about their culture, traditions, food, their hobbies, also I love nature so I need to go in mountains to do hiking and take some pictures, I love Pyrénées and everything in it, I like camping in nature and rock climbing with my brother.
Also I love music, I practice some instruments. I love going in festivals the summers
and go for road trips. I like working with childrens because they have lot of imagination.
I like look movies and read too and lot of things.

Why Did You Choose EVS?  Because I like childrens and have fun with them and
with polish childrens it will be different to teach them in english, it could be rewarding.
Also I like event world so, I want to learn some skills.

What Are Your Expectations?  For meet new people, learn new culture, to have a
different experience, to see new horizons, improve my english and learn other
languages. Also to live alone and see how i feel.

What do you hope to share with other people during your stay in
Poland ? To learn their traditions food, cultures etc…, to know about their differents
stories, live new experiences and to share my experience too.

What would be your best attributes? I can adapt myself in new places in few times,
I’m a person open-minded to speak about everythings. I’m nice and calm.



Say ‘Bonjour’ to Morgan from France

Name : Morgan
Age : 19
Studies Field : Sociology

What Do You Like Most In Your Life? 
I love to travel, to meet other people, to learn new things, reading
and writing, and have fun. 17838673_10208933834167333_1724971169_o

Why Did You Choose EVS? 
I choose EVS to live new experiences but also because I never went alone and never more than one week, so this organisation allow me to be a minimum framed for my first time alone abroad. More than it, working there as a volunteer is not the same thing than for tourism. We are completely immersed in an unknown culture, closer
to the inhabitants.

What Are Your Expectations?
I’m expecting to learn new animations skills, and share mine with others volunteers if they are interested. Learn more about Poland and most of it, about people living there. I expecting to make me some new friends too.

What do you hope to share with other people during your stay in
Poland ?
I can share my knowledges in social surveys methods and in statistics
which are essential to break stereotypes. I can take part to animations
for youngs too.

What would be your best attributes?
I can learn and adapt myself very quickly. I’m also a very sociable
person who is open-minded.

Welcome, ​Sevil in Leszno.

Name: Sevil
Age: 22
Studies Field: Ceramic Art
What Do You Like Most In Your Life? : In my life, I like to travel the most, have fun and have specificity.IMG_9578
Why Did You Choose EVS?: because I wanted to be part of a whole.
What Are Your Expectations? : to meet new people and learn about different cultures.
What do you hope to share with other people during your stay in Poland? : I want to share my experiences, knowledge about my profession, the cult of the country and its beautiful memories.
What would be your best attributes?: I can share art with young people and children.

New bird on the block. Welcome – Maëlle

Name: Maëllemel

Age: 20

Studies Field: Language Literature and Civilization / Teaching

What do you like most in your life? I like to discover new cultures by travelling or by meeting new people. I like to draw, to create, to teach, mostly I like to challenge myself, and feel that I am useful.

Why did you choose EVS? I chose evs because it is a great opportunity to experience something different from my daily life, and to invest myself in a project in an European context.

Why are your expectations? I expect to work in team with other volunteers, to share our ideas and help each other for a main goal, discover the polish culture, and also discover parts of myself that I didn’t imagine.

What do you hope to share with other people during your stay in Poland? I hope to share parts of the french culture, for the others to have a better understanding of it, from the traditions to the language, in an interactive way and with new perspectives.  I  hope to share my knowlegde of teaching in an non formal way to be able to the others to learn with a lot of fun. I am also a very manual person and I would love to give the opportunity for the others to wake up their creative side.

What would be your best attributes? I am imaginative and always motivated, I am fully invested in the projects that I am carrying.I am open minded, I use my creativity for new activities, and I adapt them to the public in front of me.


Benvenuto: TO Alberto from Italy

Summarise your EVS.

How long did you stay? Two months
What are you taking away from this experience? For sure a lot more of what I took with me to give to other people. I brought with me a lot of new friends of different countries, that now I know better. I know myself and my skills so better, what I can do well and which are my weak points. 

What would you like to do next? Next, after some travelling and some occasional jobs, I want to work in the development and conflict management for third-world-country (or to have some training in this field)
What is your best memory from this EVS? The joyful, light-hearted time spent both my colleagues and by myself.

Name : Alberto Seligardi Age : 24

Studied Fields: Mainly contemporary history, but even philosophy, anthropology and sociology.

What Do You Like Most In Your Life? : Adventure.Screenshot-2017-9-25 21586764_10209976752351010_1172231171531300280_o jpg (immagine JPEG, 1920 × 1278 pixel) - Riscalata (5[...](1)

Why Did You Choose EVS? : For making a new experience abroad, know new people and work in an organization for help others.

What Are Your Expectations? : I expect to improve myself, to discover more things and to learn to help other people.

What do you hope to share with other people during your stay in
Poland ?
I whish to share my energy, my abilities and my knowledge! Hoping that other people will share a little of them with me as well.

What would be your best attributes? Here is a list of my abilities and knowledges:
– I would REALLY like to keep a philophical/ethical forum about Human Rights with youngsters. Through answering to several questions, the students would discuss one or more articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with the aim of let them develop their own ideas, know better the Human Rights and let them confront each other.

– I have a great knowledge of european contemporary history, particulary about the 1900. I even have a good knowledge about philosophy, anthropology and in general of other cultures (I have a three-years degree)

– I spent a month in both Morocco and Rwanda, so I could to cultural presentations about them
– As every italian, I know very well italian culture and food (and the typical mistakes made in it out of Italy)
– I am an amateur photographer
– I know martial discipline for street self-defense (Muay Boran)
– I like to pratice an athletic workout
– I studied as a computer technician and worked as a web designer
– I am creative, I like to write, tell and/or comment stories, reports, romance and current news from the whole world.

We welcome Anastasia from Greece

Anastasia after two months in Leszno wrote the following poem, completing the youthpass competence of “Cultural awareness and expression”.

We are impressed from her talent and her creativity.

Glad to have her with us!



Name : Anastasia Mimikou

Age : 24

Studies Field : education in primary school

What Do You Like Most In Your Life? :

I like that I am lucky to have around me people that truly love and support me. Also, being grateful for this everything good comes to my way naturally.

Why Did You Choose EVS? :

It was a good opportunity to live and meet people from different places. I would be able to find out different habbits and ways of living. Moreover, being part of a team and surviving in a foreigner country would have positive effect on myself, would make me stronger and more confident.

What Are Your Expectations? :

I hope to learn some polish, open my mind, earn every knowledge that is offered to me, keep friendships and promote the Greek civilization.

What do you hope to share with other people during your stay in Poland ?

My experiences which have been gained through working, leaving and traveling. I would like to share good moments, help them as I can in everyday life and in the workshops.

What would be your best attributes?

 As I teacher I believe that I would be very useful in the classroom bringing different ways of learning and new methods. It is very new idea in Greek schools to combine chess and learning, because it is a game which demand clear thought and estimate the movement that the other player may do. So a student can sharpen his awareness and his mind.

 Also, I like connecting learning with music, drawing or collage. I believe that we learn better when we use many objects that wake our senses.

Hola a Luis Rodríguez Gómez

Name : Luis Rodríguez Gómez


Studies Field : Spanish, physical education, teaching, creative tasks.

What Do You Like Most In Your Life? : Sports, teaching, travel

Why Did You Choose EVS? : Because i always want to make an Erasmus experience, meet new people, start news community projects and develop my own projects as a teacher.

What Are Your Expectations? : I would like to develop this kind of projects, and have a lot of experiences. The start of the volunteer was very good, and the people it`s great, so my expectations are the best.

What do you hope to share with other people during your stay in Poland ?

My knowledge, work together in amazing tasks, improve my English, travel all together, and enjoy each other.

What would be your best attributes? My open mind, my knowledge in teaching, my projects, my attitude .

Χαίρετε to Natasa from Greece

Witam w Lesznie

Are you thinking to participate on EVS program and some doubts overpower your mind? If you like to discover new things and develop your skills, send your CV to a program that most suits you most at
European Youth Portal.

I did it and now I can tell you about my first week in Leszno.

A small town in Western Poland with some amazing architecture as well as parks at every little corner of the city. Other European cities sucha as Berlin or Prague a near by to visit but firstly Warsaw and Krakow are waiting for you!

Living in same house with some people whom I never met before, from countries that one may have never visited before, makes it all an exciting & interesting experience. I couldn’t have it any other way.DSC_7295 copy 2

Few of my flat mates are from Italy, Spain and France and they have their own unique traits but at the same time I’ve realized how much more we have in common, being a Greek myself. For example, we both have some specific gestures to express our feelings which have common traits. Also, we have same hobbies like walking and taking photos. But the most important part that connects us is the desire of living new experiences and take risks. This is the beauty of humanity which doesn’t know any boundaries.

Although in the beginning it seemed difficult to start a new life in a city that I didn’t even know where it was on the map previously, the time proved me differently, when my airplane took off I felt ready for everything that would come along with it. All the activities that would take place and the special moments that I may live, are just few of the many to come and I am looking forward to participate actively, evolving my skills.

Every day is something new, an experience that we may live. Stay tuned for everything that will follow.



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Goodbye- Slovakia.

Summarise your EVS:

I’d never thought about EVS. I knew that something like that exist, but I didn’t think about it as an opportunity during this summer.

I learnt here so many lectures. Every experience contribute to my personality. In my country, it’s really hard to find a job without experience. This EVS allowed me to gain experience during summer camps, where I had to prepare various activities for kids, for example interesting country presentation, energizes or dances. Then, I prepared my own workshop about musical theatre, during which I had opportunity to work with youngsters and adults, make a poster, describe my idea and organise it.


Living with other people for a longer time was also something new for me. But whole project is about people and I was lucky that I was surrounded by amazing people from different countries and with different habits.

But EVS is not only about responsibilities. It’s also about meeting new people, travelling – we travelled to Gdansk and Berlin, collecting memories for example during Woodstock and find yourself in different situations that can totally change your view.

I’m so glad that I had a chance to be a part of CAT Foundation and I’m thankful to all volunteers and members of CAT Foundation.

Name :  Viktória Zbojánová

Age :  18

Studies Field : grammar school – it´s general education.

What Do You Like Most In Your Life? :12106851_977116102352028_1869078607754177479_n

It´s hard to choose just a one thing… For example sun-rise, long walks (I don´t like cars, so I prefer to go by foot), broccoli and cheese, coffee and feeling that I can do everything that I want.

Why Did You Choose EVS? :

I was a participant on 1 youth exchange and 3 trainings, but all of these experiences were just sitting, listening and learning… Of course we had non-formal educational methods, but we didn´t do something for real. I think that during this EVS, I can do things and I can help to some people.

What Are Your Expectations? :

I expect to learn how to create my own workshop/activity, to find new friends from different countries, to learn more about other cultures/countries, to improve my English. I want to have experience with working with kids and intercultural environment. I want to explore more places in Poland and also outside it.

What do you hope to share with other people during your stay in Poland ?

I would like to share my knowledge and skills with musical theatre – acting, singing, playing on a piano and guitar and a little bit of dancing, cooking skills – also something about vegetarianism and healthy feeding, after acclimatization – my positive energy, I´m interested in Cambridge Certificate of English, so if someone wants to do that I can help with materials or some tips and of course I can share my experience and knowledge from other volunteering activities and Erasmus+ projects.

What would be your best attributes?

A lot of people talk about me as a kind, friendly and positive person. I´m also perfectionist, flexible, responsible, patient and optimistic person.

Karolina from Slovakia

Summarise your EVS:

My first EVS was the best thing I could do. I was happy every day when I woke up in my own flat where I lived with strangers and I had to start cooking for myself. In the beginning it was hard for me because I have never cooked before but thanks to this EVS I feel more independent and mature.

I’ve met a lot of amazing people and I made a lot of new friends from different countries. I also met my best friend and I had opportunities to travel to Woodstock, Gdansk and Berlin also I was working with kids and now thanks to that it’s going to be easier for me to apply for a job as an Au-pair in another country. I started to be a team player and more responsible for my decisions and acts.  So thank you CAT foundation for this amazing two mounts in Poland.



18403339_1877613695598316_7008678083485781649_nName : Karolína Maurerová

Age : 18

Studies Field : studying  at Gymnázium Poštová 9, Košice, Slovakia

What Do You Like Most In Your Life? : sleeping, shopping, dancing and singing

Why Did You Choose EVS? :  I wanted to go somewhere and I like Poland, and I like to do creative things in new places with new people.

What Are Your Expectations? :  I expect that we will have a lot of fun and I will not want to go home again.

What do you hope to share with other people during your stay in Poland ? :  Great time what we will spend together

What would be your best attributes? :  My best attributes is my optimistic way of looking at things.