Welcome to Mareva!


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Name: Mareva Bayeux

Age: 18 years old

Studied field: I did a CAP apprenticeship sale but it does not bother me more I intend to make a CAP early childhood and later realize a VAE to become a specialist street educator

What Do You Like Most In Your Life?

My boyfriend, see my best friends pounding in a punching bag

Why Did You Choose EVS?

To be able to discover a new culture, to work with children, to travel, to bring a bit of me to make known our country

What would you like to share with others in schools/ workshops etc?

My culture my knowledge

What Are you passionate about?

Help accompany people in difficulty


WhatsApp Image 2018-08-11 at 23.42.08Name: Fatima-Zahrae Yahyaoui
Age: 20
Studied field: I studied the business precisely the sale, I did several internships in
different jobs for example: in a pharmacy, in the kitchen, in services, on a market, in hairdressing, in bakery pastry… What I love most about my life is my family

Why did you choose EVS?

I chose EVS because it is an experience that remains professional and also to give smile to the children, to feel helpful to know a new culture, meet people who do not speak as we adapt to a country that is not ours . . .

What would you like to share with children?

What I want to share with others is to teach them also another culture, brings them new things that they do not know like language, the way to live, new activities that are not known in Poland…

What are your passions?

My passions are: to share time with my family, to help others, to watch the soccer and practice it too, the dance and I love to travel to see new things, know other things and learn the different language

Name :
IMG_20180704_182808My name is Pauline Meunier
I’m 23 years old
Studied field:
I’m studying Mathématics (for 3 years and for 2 more years to become a maths teacher)
What do you like more in your life?
I like a lot of things. Like volunteering for festivals or auditorium. But also playing sports (bike, hike, rollers, archery, dance…). I am very curious, so I like trying everything!
Why did you choose evs ?
I choose EVS because a friend of mine told me about it and told me that it will be a great experience and I will love it! So, I directly thought I will like to be part of a project like this!
What would you like to share with others?
I would like to share with others their way of life, which differs from mine. And I would like to share recipes because I like cooking and learning some new types of food!
What are you passionate about?
I’m passionate about travelling, to discover a new country. The best is to travel by bike, which gives time to see others ways to live.
I’m also passionate about nature, I love to gaze at plants growing, and take care of them!

Welcome Sylvain

Name : Sylvain

Age: I’m 24.

Studied field: Chemistry

What Do You Like Most In Your Life: image1

I like playing sports with my friends, like football or basketball. I used to be part of a basketball team.

I also like to go hiking and camping in mountains, it’s really nice!

When I’m at home I enjoy playing some video games.

Why Did You Choose EVS:

I wanted to be part of an educational project which involves children and I thought the EVS was a good opportunity to do so. Mainly because you can work with différent people from many countries, I think it can be very enriching for everyone. Also I already did a civic service back in France, and the EVS is like a continuation of that.

What Would you like to share with others in schools/ workshops etc?

I would like to share my own experience as a French volunteer with others and exchange with them about it. And just share my good mood with other people!

What Are you passionate about?

One of my biggest passions is playing video games and share with others about it. I mainly enjoy adventure games, puzzle games, story-driven games and rhythm games.

Otherwise, I really like working with children and try to teach them many things. Later I even would like to become a teacher in elementary school!

Say ‘Hola’ to Nestor from Spain!

13567120_1365576026790198_2879239834910532352_n Name: Nestor R. Rojo Segui

Age: 21

Study Field: Electric engineering

-What are your interests, hobbies?
In my free time I love to go out and take fresh air, with or without company. I also love sports, like swimming and climbing.
-Why did you choose EVS?
It is one of the best ways to learn about yourself and gain knowledge of people who are ignorant. You self-evaluate yourself day by day in a volunteer service, giving solutions to problems and supporting you with your other project partners. In addition to these, it’s one of the best ways to visit places and get to know about people.
-What do you expect to learn, teach, share?
My main objective here is to improve my English and skills with child treatment. That I have previously had before. Catch up with the youth to understand them. Share my knowledge and experience with them so they can learn with an adult reference.
-What are your strengths and weaknesses, what would you like to improve?
One of my greatest strengths is improvisation and while making explanations in a different language of everything, it helps me a lot..
Another strength that I have is that I am not afraid of the unknown but of what will come to know. It is difficult to understand, but it is something like, a new day does not scare me but what can happen on that new day.
My greatest strength is my mind. It helps me to have a good mood and be aware of everything that happens around me.

Welcome to CAT- Buket!

20180704_153356.jpg Name: Buket ÖZEL

Age: 20

Study Field: Chemical Engineering

-What are your interests, hobbies?

My hobbies are oil painting and sculpturing.

-Why did you choose EVS?

 I chose EVS because I want to learn different cultures and meet with different people. It makes me feel excited.

-What do you expect to learn, teach, share?

I can learn some different cuisines and I can teach some art activities and basic sculptures with clay.

-What are your strenghts and weaknesses, what would you like to improve?

 I don’t give up easily and I am good at finding solutions. I can get so emotional for some situations.

‘Merhaba’ to İnce!

IMG-20180123-WA0004 -Name: Cemre İNCE

-Age: 21

-Study Field:  Political Science and International Relations

-What are your interests, hobbies?

My hobbies are dancing (especially Tango), travelling, spending my time with my friends and exploring and learning new things.

-Why did you choose EVS?

First of all I love to experiencing different cultures and EVS is the best opportunity to learn different cultures during living abroad.  I also want to improve my communication skills.

-What do you expect to learn, teach, share?

  I expect to improve teaching skills, my creativity and  also improve my English. I’d lile to share the Turkish culture with children, and other volunteers during learning their culture; teaching different activities such as dance, and games.

 -What are your strenghts and weaknesses, what would you like to improve?

My strenghts are that I can learn easily and I’m good at working in a team and my weakness is that I’m a little bit shy and I would like to improve my self-confidence.

Final Evaluation/April-June

IMG_4991We already said goodbye to our short term volunteers. Here we have what we prepared before they finished their projects. Creating a colorful tree with our feelings, experiences, advices to each other was didactive and enlightning. Because it was a flashback to last two months and we had the oppurtunity to review what we went through. We wrote the feelings we had; excitement, happiness, stress, tension, fun; the knowledge we gained professionally, culturally and personally; our advices to each other for the future…

IMG_4992 We also created a map of Leszno with the main places we spent our time all together. EVS map consisted of our houses, Slowianska and the Luxury House. 🙂 The cafes, pubs where we went to have fun. Of course the train station which was the first stop to our EVS life. The funny moments we had, Nuria’s bicycle and Stamatis’ finger accident.. 🙂 The concert event that we went together and danced, had soo much fun.. 🙂

Energetic, diligent, funny.. γειά σου Stamatis!

Dicle:  Hello Stamatis, how are you doing?

Stamatis: Hello Dicle, thank you. What about you?

Dicle: I’m fine, too. It’s been almost 2 months and you’re at the end of your project. How is the life going on?

Stamatis:  It’s amazing, I didn’t expect to do so many things. In the beginning I was very anxious but I enjoyed from all the things we did so much. The tasks we did with the kids were perfect for me.

Dicle:  Have you ever done those activities in your life before coming here?

Stamatis:  No no no never. I have only 3 cousins and I love spending time with them, they like me also :)) But it was my first experience with the children as a couch and sometimes teacher especially in English. 

Dicle:  Yeah, you were always energetic and cheerful that everybody loved you. What was the best day you spent in Leszno?

Stamatis:  Mmmh.. I think it was the ‘Europe Day’. I was very anxious about that day but at the end we had great time with the kids and youngsters. I also danced with a Greek song on the stage in front of many people in Rynek and that was a different experience. I realized that the most important part is to have fun and that day I had sooo much fun.

Dicle: Good to hear that. Well, which experiences you gained during your stay in Poland, personally and professionally?

Stamatis: Personally I gained a lot of experience. First, I have more faith in myself now. Because if you asked me 2 months ago whether I could do these things or not, I would say that’s not my thing at all. After coming here, I managed to do all the tasks I was given. So at the end I believe in myself and if I try, I can do anything. Nothing’s impossible after all. Also I thought it would be difficult to cooperate with all the people and get to know everyone but I made so good friendships and our chemistry with the others was very nice. I pushed my limits and complexes, now I’m more relaxed in my mind. 

Dicle:  We had so much fun all together! What was the hardest thing during this experince?

Stamatis:  At the beginning, it was to overcome my homesickness, not to miss my friends, girlfriend and family.. But at the end, the experiences I had here helped me to have a great time here. 

Dicle: So, what’s next then?

Stamatis:  Uuuh.. A lot of things’re coming to my mind. Before I came here, I didn’t know what to do with my life but now I want to do many things. I’m curious how I will manage to do all of them. :)) First of all, I have to go to the army because it’s mandatory and graduate this summer. I have one more course to pass and complete my thesis and master degree. I want to find some other active ways to interact and communicate with other people. My aim is to do something which involves other people. This is what I realized for myself after EVS.

Dicle:  Would you like to do another EVS?

Stamatis: Yes, why not.. I think it’s a great oppurtunity to learn more, meet with other people, see their point of views, live in a different country and to be yourself. 

Dicle: How was Poland and Polish people for you?

Stamatis:  I didn’t expect to like Poland that much. It’s cheap(this is not the main reason though), beautiful. Most of the people I’ve met were nice and friendly. Finally, I have a very good impression about Poland. I couldn’t improve my Polish so much :))

Dicle: Would you like to add anything else??

Stamatis: I see myself as a lucky person to be here. At the beginning it wasn’t a very well-thought decision. I wanted to live in a foreign country because I was jealous of my friends and it was a spontaneous decision to come here. But now, I’m so glad to be a part of this adventure and take this risk for myself because I couldn’t believe that I could achieve all those things.

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Lovely chat with cheerful Isa! Halloo..


Dicle: So, it’s been almost three weeks since you arrived here. What are your first impressions about the city, people ? ( Be honest eheh)

Isa: When I arrived, I thought that I will like everyone and everyone is nice but I wouldn’t have thought that it would take only two weeks and we’re close, we know each other quite good until now. We’ve already had so many experiences that brought us together. Yeah, we detected things we have in common, so I feel so at home after two weeks and I wouldn’t have expected that when I arrived first day here. And the city.. I thought that it would be more boring here. I wouldn’t have expected so many possibilities to do things here. That was very surprising and I like being in the centre of the city, close to everywhere. It’s only a few minutes to walk or ride bicycle to anywhere. I didn’t do that until now, I should do more..

Dicle: What about the organization, your cooperation with the other people?

Isa: I like the Polish volunteers and having opportunity to see them around. I wouldn’t have thought that it would be that stressful. Of course it is very helpful to have you, to show us around and show us how everything works because I think otherwise I would miss this help and it makes things easier. Also, it depends so much on whom you’re working because all of us have our own way of working and yeah, you can cooperate with some of them better and with some of them more difficult.

Dicle: Do you think at the end of your project, you’ll be improved your skills?

Isa: Of course I think so. Even until now, I learned to use two computer programs I’ve never used before, to edit videos.. What I really also recognize now is that today was the first day I didn’t feel nervous or anxious when I had presentation. So, it was really nice to feel comfortable standing in front of the students. I think this is one of the things I will really learn here, spontanity and just relaxing way of handling unexpected situations and incidents. But also yes everyone has their own way of working and somehow you learn how to deal with that and adjust to each other’s way.

Dicle: What about your plans after EVS?

Isa: I want to continue with my post-graduate studies. Yeah, for me it’s a good and useful way to spend my time between under-graduate and post-graduate studies and to make this intercultural experiences. Cause it’s so crazy to live all together from different nations. How many nations, six???

Dicle: Mmh, Greek, Spanish, Romanian, German, Turkish, French and Italian. So 12 people from 7 different nations.

Isa: And also the Polish environment.. So it’s amazing to get to know this variety of cultures. Also everyone is different, even if Aykut and you are from the same country, you’re different, you have different ways of thinking and understanding. And I like to see and observe those things around me.