Meet Pablo



Name: Pablo Alonso Vaquero

Age: 23

Studies Field:
Translation and Interpreting Degree in English, German and Chinese
Master in International Law and International Relations
Proffesional Music Degree in Clarinet (first instrument) and Piano (second instrument)

What Do You Like Most In Your Life?: Music, travelling, sports, meeting new people, spending time with friends and water.

Why Did You Choose EVS?: Because it really fits my outgoing, curious personality and because Poland is a country that really attracts me.

What Are Your Expectations?: I think it can be a great, beautiful experience that will make me grow as a person and improve a lot of my skills. Helping and working with children and youngsters will make me feel useful for the society. Besides, I think it is also a great opportunity to meet amazing people and interchange experiences with them.

What can you share with other people, what can you speak about at schools…? 
– I have a Proffesional Degree in Music and I can play 2 musical instruments, so I could teach children and youngsters many interesting things about music.
–  In this project I could use my experience to show and transmit Spanish (and Latin-American) culture and language to children and youngsters. Moreover, since I am specialized in English, German and Chinese, I could also speak about the cultures of the countries where these languages are spoken.
– On the other side, I am a sportsman. I practice very often different sports, such as  football, swimming, running etc.


International Youth Day

International Youth Day is observed annually on 12 August. It is meant as an opportunity for governments and others to draw attention to youth issues worldwide.And this year we celebrated as a real international format.Because we had participants from Spain,Italy,Turkey,Greece,Slovakia,Romania,Bulgaria and of course Poland.We did beach volleyball tournament,zumba and much more flash mob at Rynek.When started the zumba a lot of people danced all together.And we really had fun..

Also you can find another information here;,30665.html


Wintercamps 2016

After a lot of fun, food and resting with family and friends, volunteers are back to CAT and…. WINTERCAMPS. Two intense weeks of activities for kids age 6 to 15 while teachers are having some deserved rest.


Volunteer’s task was prepare activities and keep children entertained from 9 am to 3 pm. Children’s task was go to the camps and have fun.

In two weeks, kids learnt about European and non-European countries such as Italy, Portugal, Hungry, Estonia, Spain, Turkey and Brazil. Together learning about traditions, languages, music, food and, of course, there was some moments to relax and just have fun.


The groups were dived by ages and the activities were supervised by polish volunteers and coordinators. Besides all the fun, kids could enjoy breakfast and lunch all together.

After these two great weeks, both volunteers and coordinators were more than happy with results and wishing that kids and parents felt that way as well.




Eurocamp in GM n 4

EUROCAMPS is an amazing team building experience to volunteers, because we plan and work together during 8 hours with the same group. We need to share the activities in a way that will not be boring or tiring both for volunteers and students, and that way do not loose energy from both sides.


We started with a creativity game, made to wake the youngs up and prepare them for what is coming. With the brain already working 100%, we participated in a game about Europe and culture knowledge about it. Following it some sportive games to relax a bit after a lot of thinking. A quickly break and it is time to think again and learn about famous European people. We finished the day with energizers and evaluation, but everything in a non-formal way.