Our Summer… EVS Volunteers Memories!

12 guys; 6 countries; 2 months; 1 project! They came in July to spend time together here, in CAT Fu ndacja, as  EVS Volunteers! But why they decided to live this experience in Leszno? And what they recieved from this period? Are you curious?! Click on the link!

memories short term





Workshop in Trzybiny!

Luis and Myriam, two EVS volunteers from Portugal and France organized the week for kids in Trzybiny!
As in the other camps they prepared workshops and games, making a great connection with the children!
These are Luis&Myriam’s impressions: “The group was amazing!  We can notice that the difference between the kids from the city and the village is huge. We felt welcomed and the people there were always available to help us. It was the best week in this two months (Myriam).
We had time to bound with them because we were there all week. The kids were very creative, energitive and always open for new games.The workshops have really been successful and the kids were always trying to communicate with us, proving to be interested and everytime courios about the next games.”

luis 3

luis 5

luis 6

luis 7

luis 8

luis 9

luis 10




Our journey on this fantastic Train to Coolture

IMG_3856This magic train travelled all the summer and its trip is finshed, but so much good memories and happy moments!
The train stopped in Leszno for the last three weeks but the little passengers (age 6-9) changed each week, bringing with themselves new energy and expectations!
EVS volunteers were always ready to prepare new workshops, invent new game and find crrative ways to present their country!
Children learnt for example how to build a bird-house or a typical spanish game “futbolìn” with carton, toothpicks and clothes pegs!
Everyday there were games that involved all the group, so the kids could have a lot of fun with the others, EVS volunteers and the Polish team!
During the last two weeks also older guys (age 10 – 15) got on the train, and this, for the volunteers, was another great challenge!
On the last Friday night, the Train finished greatly its summer tour, with a huge bonfire in the Park behind CKiS in which partecipated children from all the weeks! Some EVS Volunteers helped to cook sausages for everybody, while the others were orgazining dances, bubbles soap and games for children and parents! It was really a greatest end for an amazing summer!
At the end, all the volunteers will remember this experience as a uncommon summer with a lot a work, but on the other hand so much fun, emotions and good memories!

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7 6

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6 6

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International Day of Friendship

It’s true, the real friendship is built and shown everyday, but do you know that there is a international special day dedicated to this feeling? Since 1958 each 30th August some events are organized in all the world!

This year, also in the main square of Leszno, thanks to CAt Fundation,  everybody could say: “we are freinds” in so many different ways!
Someone recieved a happy smile to keep or to give to a friend, somebody else instead recieved a Free Hugh!

In the event people built the frindship-chain writing names of friends, at the end all the name are connected to pass the message: “friendship is everywhere!” Children enjoy us putting their handpints in a colorful flipchart!
Moreover, if you aren’t shy, you could took pictures with your friend in the special Ballon-Frame or decide to stay with us and wave with your friend the frindship bracelet, called in this way because there is need of two people to make it.

During all the event people animated the square doing big soap balls, until 5 pm when started the flashmob in which a lot of young people danced all together!

You can find other information in the website of Radio Elka  http://elka.pl/content/view/76083/80/

We hope that reading this article everybody thinks, smiling,  to his/her friends!

See you in the next event! 12th August: International Day of Youth!





















In the middle of the path of our EVS…

b f 10
They arrived from different country one month ago to live, work, enjoy together… who are they? They are twelve young peolple that decided to spend two months of their life in Poland doing EVS (European Voluntary Service)!
They came from Spain, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Malta & France, so much cultures, languages.. but were they prepared to meet the Polish culture? That’s their comments and impression after one month!
Naturally one of the first things that they noticed was the food…So many differences! First of all how many kinds of soup are there in Poland? Soup with mushrooms, tomatoes, goulash, onion soup. But just when it seemed that they were gotten used to those, they found the sweet soup with cherry! So strange! But, on the other hand: Pierogi, how cannot you try all the kinds of this speciality?
But not only the food created a confusion for them because they discovered the most crazy thing in Poland: the weather! One day there are 30 degrees and the day after 18°C with rain and cold wind! Which season is that?
An other barrier that they met in this month was surely the language, Polish is so difficult! Working with children each day is a challenge to understand and learn new words! But the basic words are learned, and for them it’s a very good result! The volunteers are so happy and proud to say: dzień dobry, do wizenia, dziękuję when they go in a shop!
All these obstacles were opportunities to volunteers to work and live this period like a team!
On other feeling that is accompanying them is for sure the surprise!
Who could imagine that if  you are cold drinking a beer or eating an icecream, there is a blanket to feel more confortable? Or what great idea to open water in the square and see children enjoying all together!

Now August is started and with it also the second part of this experience!
Which chellenges will there be in them way? We don’t know at the moment, but we are sure that they will be overcome them!

Training to coolture 2015.. Rydzyna&Leszno time!

The journey of our “Train to Coolture” is continuing! Last stop.. Leszno & Rydzyna!

As in the previous week in Lasocice, children had the possibility to enjoy all together thanks to funny games, workshops and several country presentations organized by EVS Volunteers and made with the help of Polish team. Creativity was the keyword of the activities! It was so nice to see the kids involved to build their Pen-holder, their own city, their paper-muppets or the origami-rabbit, paint a fish or a stone, make a stick-character. Sometimes, instead, a game was the focus point of the workshops, as for “Parchis” (spanish tradicional game) or for coloured-puzzle!
Children, moreover, travelled with their mind in all Europe: Italy, Romania, Moldova, Portugal, Spain and Malta thanks to the extraordinary country presentations that caught the attention of the kids! Each day was different to the others thanks also to the sport games and cultural games!

EVS volunteers could improve their educational skills working with kids. The groups proved to be different from the beginning, the one in Rydzyna was smaller than the Leszno one, in which there were some kids from Stowarzyszenie “Echo” and from “Terenowy Komitet Ochrony Praw Dziecka”, associations that help families.
Each week of their EVS experience, our volunteers are meeting new children and sometimes it’s hard for them to understand the kids for the language barrier, but already from the second day they could create a connection with children throught smiles, simple games and… “piontka!!” (give me 5!)
Moreover, the difficulties were in common among volunteers and that permitted them to work more like in a team.. Unity is Streght!!!! Children grew fond and had a lot of fun with all the volunteers team, laughing for example for the volunteers Polish language mistakes or for some strange accent depending on the origin country!
As in all the camps there was the Favourite games: Babau & Trees and Rocks! Try to tell to a kid these name and be start to run and have fun!
See you in the next “Train” stop!!




Make your fish!!













Portugal Time








IMG_7130Friends of plants!


IMG_7273 IMG_7248Spain!




Painting Rocks!

IMG_7646Treasur Hunt In Rydzyna!



IMG_7668 IMG_7674

















Volunteers point of view!

The first week of work is made and.. what are the new volunteers EVS thinking about it?
All was new, they had to organized games, workshops and cultural presentations, not a simple task!!
Some of them found very difficult to break the langauge barrier but it was clear since the beginning that wasn’t the main important thing! They worked a lot to be prepared and organized for each task!

b f 10

We asked each of them to say somethink about these first days.. that’re the answers!


Do you even know how refreshing a cold shower on a hot day can be? Or a coffee in the morning when you can’t wake your brain up. Or a new battery in your player or remote control. This exact felling I had after one week of workshops and activities in Lasocice. Working with children of all ages is a total unique experience. But one word is to be used: energy. To see them all running, creating screaming, smiling, being loud, noisy always ready for new games and challenges makes you think twice about the perspective of the 9 to 5 ob in an office and really makes you seriously think about quitting build a ship take all the kids and become a pirate. Just to keep your inner child always alive because that’s probably one of the little real things we have. I am grateful for the kids of reminding me this. And for teaching me new things. Let’s all repeat: żółwik, beczka, paluszek, piąteczka.



This week remember me that when I was a child I wanted to be a teacher because I like to explain to the kids,to play with them .I really love the kids. But the question is:why i don’t to be a teacher now? The reason is represented by the very,very small salary that the teacher received. With this salary you can not survive.I am doing Cybernetics,but I don’t like. Maybe when I will work I will do a kindergarden.



Firstly, during this week in Lasosice I connected quickly with the kids, but in my case, as some mates, was so short the time that we spent in the workshops. Only two days, and the last one the most of us went to the bike’s excursion for have a swim in the lake, it was wonderful. I really appreciate how the polish volunteers supported to us even participating in all the activities, energizers and whatever.

In summary, the kids were so grateful and polite. I think they had not any high expectation in the way they just wanted to have fun.  I felt like at home, because it was not a language barrier.




This third week of camp in Lasocice was very good! We learned more ways to work with the kids, we did many games, and improved in the explanation of them, we did country presentations trying to be more creative, and catching kids attention, and we had a lot of fun with them. They also taught us some polish words, and we taught them, also, some words of our language. We learned that the language can be a barrier, but we also learned that sometimes we do not really need to be always talking, we can explain and demonstrate with body language. In the end, all the kids liked the camp, and they had a lot of fun in that week.




YES: It was a week full of emotions… I felt a little bit nervous on Sunday before starting but after the first day, I

was happy about my work with kids!

YES: The organisation of treasure hunt was very important and it was great… I was proud about all the evs


YES: On Friday, during the bonfire we spent time with kids and we had a positive feedback about our work

with them during all the week. They were sad about the end of the camp and said thank you to us for our work.

( A lot of pictures and hugs for us!!)

NO: The “problem” for me was the communication with kidsbecause I don’t speak Polish and they don’t speak

English. For this reason, sometimes, communication was difficult for me, maybe because I used to communicate

with oral language but, in conclusion, the time during thisweek with them was running out!!



My opinion for these moments passed in Lasocice’s place are very very good, the children were nice, attentives and obeying.

It wasn’t so complicate to passed a good moment with these kids and if I will can have always these children, I will be very glad 🙂

The default it’s the reports, I have’nt the time :

for exemple I was missing the « BEER TIME »



I was very stressed about the first week. I think I was afraid to not succeed in explaining games or workshops to kids. But actually I managed to do it even if I am not very satisfied of myself. I want to make it better. Anyway the kids are lovely and very curious and always  want to try



My first experience worked for kid was great cause I studied to spend my time with kids and played with them, in the moment than I played with them I became in a children and I liked a lot feel this feeling. Maybe this experience is important for me cause I will decide to become a trainer for one of person who npeed , but this experience I enjoy maybe in the future I will become in P.E. teacher


First week of summer camp in Train to Coolture was a great learning opportunity for me. Besides that I had GREAT FUN during the whole week, I felt wellcomed and the kids were lovely – they hugged us, they played vividly, they thought us basic polish words, we learned funny games from them.

This week gave me the opportunity to renew myself and my teaching methods and ideas. Even if I did teaching in Romania and I LOVE doing it, here in Polish context I felt like starting from scratch. Usually I express myself verbal then by gestures, everything flows. But in this context I set myself a limit that there is a „language barrier”. But during the week I figured out that developing non verbal communication is the way in order to enjoy the workshops and activities.

The bonfire was the most intense part of the week. Children, parents, volunteers and coordinators of the project were playing together. Also we danced together. To grow up in a social structure like this is one of the best things that Lasocice kids are provided. Love and unity is the way in order to develop a self-actualized personality.

Can’t wait for the new experiences from the next weeks.

Lasocice by night!!

Two of most desider moments during “Train to cooltore” in Lasocice were the Treasure Hunt in the Forest and the Bonfire with Parents.

Children and volunteers prepared themselves for these events!


EVS volunteers prepared a real script for the treasure hunt! The children, devided in two teams, had to get over some task during the the way! These proves were suggested by three characters deriving from the Ancient Greece, The Medieval  Age and from the future! Crossing the proves children could collect parts of the spell necessary to wake up the mad queen and to obtaine the treasure!

Volunteers met before the event for the preparation of the location and of the customs!

tr hu 1

tr hu 2

tr hu 7

tr hu 6

tr hu 5

tr hu 4

tr hu 3

It’s 7 pm.. let’s start!! Characters was waiting for kids! For volunteers was very nice to see how kids enjoy during that event and how children appreciated them job!

tr hu 8

tr hu 9

tr hu 10

our team!! Look the customs!!

tr hu 11

Enjoy your.. treasure!!


Enjoy a meal with friends it’s one of most nice things to do! Then, if you have to cook your meal on a fire.. it’s even better!
But before to cook, there was the nice “diploma moment”! Each kid recieved his/her diploma for the effort that he/she invested during the week!
After that EVS volunteers organized some energizers and games and was very nice that also parents were involved in these activity!
But, stop play, we have to cook! So let’s take the staff and put the sausages on the fire!
It was funny and loving to see kid and dads sitting and cooking together. Moreover mams prepared some delicious cakes for everybody! A real perfect meal…with dessert!!
For volunteers was unexpected, at the end of the event, the difficulty for kids to leave the place and to say goodbye to them! It could show how was strong the bond between kids and volunteers. we hope that in each experience the feeling between volunteers and kids will be like that one!

b f 1

b f 2

b f 3

b f 4

b f 5

b f 6

b f 7

b f 8

Children prepared a cute letter for volunteers to thakns them for them job! sooo nice!!!

b f 9

b f 11

Lasocice Galleria!!

How many activities could be done in one week?! We have the answer…  A LOT!!!
From 13th to 17th of July all the EVS volunteers with some polish guys organized and made workshops, cultural presentations and a lot of games for children in Lasocice during “Train to Coolture”!
The workshops were about so different topics and in the cultural presentations children had the possibility to know many informations about other countries throught funny methods created by volunteers!

Here you can find some pictures that could express how nice was that experience for everybody!!

las tom 1

We started the train with an integration game to connect the group

las tom 2


Chinese Football has now become very popular in Lasocice

las tom 3


During the lovely Portuguese cultural presentation

las luis 1

Mihaela helping the kids in the chicken, fox, snake workshop!

las luis 2

Fox Team ready for the game!

las luis 3

we are ready to play!!!

las myr 1

Albert proposed to do the maestro game: one person is the leader, so the leader has to
do a movement and the others follow him. The person in the middle has to guess who is
the leader.

las myr 2

Sebastien and Albert proposed to do the bridge game. The kids were divided in two
teams and the first team who managed to take the ballon to the last person firstly won.

las myr 3

Paula did the presentation of Romania, she has great ideas and kids enjoyed.

las alv 1

On Tuesday when we arrived to Lasocice all the kids came to give greeting. Lena’s workshop was “make a puppet with sock” and all the kids had to prepare his/her sock sewing in it buttons!

las alv 2

las alv 3

Tom and guilia, when lena finished, they proposed some activities for the kids one of them it was tree and stones maybe this game was one of the most success during the week.

las dom 1

Game: recognize your friend!

las dom 2

Wireless telephone!

las dom 3

Workshop: Time to painting!

las dom 4

Create your picture!

las pau 1

 We visited Malta and we found out interestin gfacts about the country. We found out about the many castles, about the maltese dog also about the many fisherman.

las pau 2

mainspecific things in Malta. This was one of aur favourite activities, also we one of the most loved game was „Tree and rock” – you cand see that we had a great time !

las pau 3

las pau 4

las pau 5

las mih 1

Country presentation of France… Sebastien was doing a great atmosphere.

las mih 2

During the French presentation the children should to guess what was in the pictures.

las mih 3

At this game the kids were divided in 3 teams. They should to guess the characters of the words.

las mih 4

We played outside and the children had a lot of fun.

las lena 1

Energetic, full of colors and full of movement. Full of new curiosities and interesting games this day gave us all a happy and high spirited mood.

las lena 2

The workshop about making a photoframe was a blast. The kids were totally absorbed by the multitude of colors, balloons and sparkling materials they could found in there.
They had the opportunity to take photos in a frame that they created by their own selves.
The level of their happiness is as bright as all the colors used.

las lena 3

Alvaro being a true magician and showing his tricks with the cups to the kids. Big was the curiosity and huge was wish to undestrand the mechanics behind the magic. But a true magician never reveals his secrets…

las lena 4

Playing Tank. A great game with a very unexpected end. You know they say that when you are knowing nothing you are in a tank. Well, that totally made sense in this activity. Probably the funnies part of the day.

las lena 5

You have a volunteer? Use him/her for riding! Children have a lot of fun to see how volunteers care about and carry them. Volunteer, take me home, coz I played from sunrise to dawn!

On Friday volunteers and children went to the Lake in Golanice by bike! When we arrived at the lake children prepared immediatly themselves to do the bath.. but the water wasn’t so hot! So at the beggining inly the braver run in the water, followed from the other! Also the volunteers reached children into the lake and they had fun all together!!

bike 5

bike 6

bike 7

bike 3


During the morning we had also one Zumba Lesson!! Children and volunteers were so concentrated and