Summer Camp

We finished this year our Summer Camp.And we had fun all together.What we did ?Let’s see !

Jesus says;

I would like to share my experience in summer Camps, it was 1 month!! With a lots of different children!! It was my first time and I have to say that I enjoyed so much with them! I had with connection since the first day, we danced, played, laughed a lot and I was like one kid more with them!


Emrah says;

This summer camp was very good for me.I learnt lots of thing from that time.Normally i really like to spent my time with kids. This sumer camp i always was with kids.We enjoyed together we did something together.We managed something tohether. For me it was so different to do this. Because i never tried this before.I never did my country presentation in front of the people.Now i am so happy to met the kids and i believe that we will see each other someday.Also i am so pleasure for working with you and our polish volunteer and thank you for your helping.14269874_10210397313554221_354434186_n.jpg

Valeria says;

Summer camp for me was a challenge and now that is finished, I can say that in a way or in another I did it.

At first moment I was afraid because for me was the first experience like animator of group of children of different ages and I didn’t know if I was able to manage this situation. In reality it was not so simple but even not so complicated expecially because we were a team with the coordinators and the polish volunteers and we helped each other.

I have to say also, that the groups of children were active and I was happy when they partecipated to my artistic workshops and I was surprised that they stayed quiet during these activities.

During my Cultural presentation they made a lot of questions about my Country (Italy) and now they know that Italy has some volcanos and the highest volcano in Europe (Etna) 😉 !!!!!!!

I was surprised also for the way that they have to demonstrate their feelings: after one day they want to hug us, they greeting us in our languages and they asked something about us…they were so cute!!13925648_581459058693189_2728598242459216166_o.jpg

And for me;


It was awesome.I had experience about this because of winter camp.I saw some same children from winter camp also.And they knew me 🙂

We did a lot of workshops and games.But when I did marshmallow challenge,I had some doubt about small group,they can do it or is it so hard for them ? But no ! All group was perfect and they was so creative !!

Honestly we did this challenge before summer camp with adults.But children better than us :)We enjoyed a lot.All of them was so cute.I miss already them :/


See you in next Winter Camp !