Winter Workshops with CAT

Winter workshops:

February in CAT:
Winter workshops are organized by CAT foundation during winter break between 30th of January and 10th of February. Our goal was to entertain children and youngsters of Leszno in order to present them to other cultures and to teach them some skills. We were divided in small groups and were sent to different places around Leszno.
First week, we were going to Lasocice and to Leszno’s schools. We had the opportunity to introduce our land and culture to kids- between 6 and 10 years old. The presentations consist on showing the map, showing some photos from landscapes, the best places to go and basic facts and cultural games (teaching them some basic words from each language). The countries involved were Greece, France, Italy, Lithuania, Finland, Spain and Portugal. Between these cultural presentations we organized some workshops involving recycling objects, handmade crafts, juggling and magic but also games and sports activities. Apart from that the English volunteer and the Ukrainian volunteer, James and Tetyana , were in the Lenguage commutation project concentrating on CVs’ and team building activities in the Ekonomic school of Leszno. Ida, the Finnish volunteer said “At first, the contact with the kids was difficult because of the barrier of the language. But after get to know them and games, they were really active and excited.

During second week, we changed from Lasocice to Trzebiny, another little town near Leszno. The kids were really passionate about everything and to get to know new things. Miglė, the Lithuanian volunteer said “I didn’t expect that kids would be so creative”. In addition, we learnt that with kids we cannot follow the schedule and just do things according with their personalities. At the end of the week we’ve had the opportunity to participate in a Carnaval party for all the little once.

Furthermore, the English communication workshops continue to work but with other volunteers involved, practicing with the youngsters and develop their language capacities with games and team building activities. In this week we also had the Italian Communication Workshop, we taught first the basics of language beginning from the grammar rules and then using not formal activities to help youngsters to memorize the words. Then we specifically spoke about sentences that can be useful for working in restaurants. Generally the young were very interested in the lessons, and I was so surprised to see so much interest and curiosity.

Let’s not forget the activities we’ve had for Action Reaction group. We all took turns and involved our young participants in amazing ideas around the city. We’ve created our own version of a Leszno map, we’ve placed all best places to visit and even did a bit of modern art by getting Leszno known graffiti in the journal.

What an Amazing time !!!

Nicolas and Daniel share their experiences

Apart from the Winter Camps with the kids in the Schools, we had, in the Cat Office, the “Europe meets CAT Foundation” event.
It consisted on a week where the volunteers from different countries met the youngsters from Leszno, each day had a specific country to organise it. France was the host on Monday, Daniel and Nicolas, the French Volunteers, had 6 youngsters to show how amazing is their country. They show them some videos, did some games and team building activities to make this day as fun as possible. Then, the girls helped the boys, and they did a Leszno Map all together, for, in the future, the next volunteers use it to make their life easier. They also took some picture in the top places in Leszno, which are on the Map too.

The second country to be presented was Portugal, Ana and Margarida had 5 girls that were really interested, and excited to be there. They also showed some videos and typical Portuguese dances, some traditions and cultural games. To help the future volunteers and the foundation, they all did a magazine about Leszno that was completed with the French map and with the same photos. The magazine had the general ideas about Leszno and the target group was for people who think that there is nothing to do in Leszno, making them change this idea. The girls decorated it and told their feeling and what do they think about their city. They cooperate with each other and everyone learnt something new, some of them about Portugal and the volunteers about Leszno.img_0405