Do your students want to have a different lesson? Eurocamps is the answer!

Eurocamps is the possibility for youngs to learn having fun: our EVS volunteers prepare funny and interactive activities about team building, different ways of communication, Europe, sports, famous people, creativity. The aim is make students aware of intercultural news and general knowledge throught a non-formal education way.

However, our EVS volunteers are open to adjust the activities according with the requests from teachers and students. The only thing you have to do to offer Eurocamps to your students, is contact CAT Fundacja.


EUROCAMPS is an amazing team building experience to volunteers, because we plan and work together during 8 hours with the same group. We need to share the activities in a way that will not be boring or tiring both for volunteers and students, and that way do not loose energy from both sides.


We started with a creativity game, made to wake the youngs up and prepare them for what is coming. With the brain already working 100%, we participated in a game about Europe and culture knowledge about it. Following it some sportive games to relax a bit after a lot of thinking. A quickly break and it is time to think again and learn about famous European people. We finished the day with energizers and evaluation, but everything in a non-formal way.