Language Café

The language Cafe is created so the inhabitants of LEszno region can learn  foreign languages.You can learn or practice English, Spanish or Italian while you drink coffee in a nice restaurant with great people.  Cafe is beeing led by foreigners from Estonia, Hungary, Brazil, Spain and Italy.The language learners sometimes know the  vocabulary but they are afraid to speak. So the EVS volunteers teach them useful phrases from everyday life and  only a few basic rules of grammar. There is no blackboars, no books and no stress:)

It turns out that a foreigner (not nessesarly a native speaker)  can teach better not only pronunciation and  vocabulary, but he/she  affects our motivation to learn. More important is to learn communication skills.

The Polish schools put more emphasis on grammar. As a result of such education students know the details of grammar (sometimes even better than foreigners), but they cannot communicate  because they have a poor vocabulary or cannot bring themself to speak  this language. During the cafe everybody has an opportunity to learn, play and  speak.

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