We welcome Anastasia from Greece

Name : Anastasia Mimikou

Age : 24

Studies Field : education in primary school

What Do You Like Most In Your Life? :

I like that I am lucky to have around me people that truly love and support me. Also, being grateful for this everything good comes to my way naturally.

Why Did You Choose EVS? :

It was a good opportunity to live and meet people from different places. I would be able to find out different habbits and ways of living. Moreover, being part of a team and surviving in a foreigner country would have positive effect on myself, would make me stronger and more confident.

What Are Your Expectations? :

I hope to learn some polish, open my mind, earn every knowledge that is offered to me, keep friendships and promote the Greek civilization.

What do you hope to share with other people during your stay in Poland ?

My experiences which have been gained through working, leaving and traveling. I would like to share good moments, help them as I can in everyday life and in the workshops.

What would be your best attributes?

 As I teacher I believe that I would be very useful in the classroom bringing different ways of learning and new methods. It is very new idea in Greek schools to combine chess and learning, because it is a game which demand clear thought and estimate the movement that the other player may do. So a student can sharpen his awareness and his mind.

 Also, I like connecting learning with music, drawing or collage. I believe that we learn better when we use many objects that wake our senses.


Hola a Luis Rodríguez Gómez

Name : Luis Rodríguez Gómez


Studies Field : Spanish, physical education, teaching, creative tasks.

What Do You Like Most In Your Life? : Sports, teaching, travel

Why Did You Choose EVS? : Because i always want to make an Erasmus experience, meet new people, start news community projects and develop my own projects as a teacher.

What Are Your Expectations? : I would like to develop this kind of projects, and have a lot of experiences. The start of the volunteer was very good, and the people it`s great, so my expectations are the best.

What do you hope to share with other people during your stay in Poland ?

My knowledge, work together in amazing tasks, improve my English, travel all together, and enjoy each other.

What would be your best attributes? My open mind, my knowledge in teaching, my projects, my attitude .

Χαίρετε to Natasa from Greece

Witam w Lesznie

Are you thinking to participate on EVS program and some doubts overpower your mind? If you like to discover new things and develop your skills, send your CV to a program that most suits you most at europa.eu
European Youth Portal.

I did it and now I can tell you about my first week in Leszno.

A small town in Western Poland with some amazing architecture as well as parks at every little corner of the city. Other European cities sucha as Berlin or Prague a near by to visit but firstly Warsaw and Krakow are waiting for you!

Living in same house with some people whom I never met before, from countries that one may have never visited before, makes it all an exciting & interesting experience. I couldn’t have it any other way.DSC_7295 copy 2

Few of my flat mates are from Italy, Spain and France and they have their own unique traits but at the same time I’ve realized how much more we have in common, being a Greek myself. For example, we both have some specific gestures to express our feelings which have common traits. Also, we have same hobbies like walking and taking photos. But the most important part that connects us is the desire of living new experiences and take risks. This is the beauty of humanity which doesn’t know any boundaries.

Although in the beginning it seemed difficult to start a new life in a city that I didn’t even know where it was on the map previously, the time proved me differently, when my airplane took off I felt ready for everything that would come along with it. All the activities that would take place and the special moments that I may live, are just few of the many to come and I am looking forward to participate actively, evolving my skills.

Every day is something new, an experience that we may live. Stay tuned for everything that will follow.



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The winter is coming, so pop in to Cat. !

As the winter is approaching and we are back in the schools making presentations as well as having our new office set up we welcome you to pop in at any time between 2-5pm Mon-Fri. We have been working hard to set up and extra place for the young people to kill some time between finishing lectures and going home. Good news that our volunteers came up with an idea to dedicate that time to you. Soon there will be more volunteers joining us, in whole 9 people extra from a variety of countries. 

So come on in and lets have a cup of tea together watching the Autumn rain pass by.  


Summer hues in Leszno.

Hot days in Leszno bring us together. We don’t stop, weather is summer camps or our weekly sports club.

Every Thursdays we gather at a local pitch to let some steam out. This week we’ve had an amazing volleyball game. But other activities are also welcome, for example Yoga on open air. All who’s willing to have a go, since we’re not quite professionals ourselves we cheer for the attempts not the goals! Because, practice makes it better.

Must say goodbye: Jorge from Spain

Summarise you EVS : 

“For me this EVS means more than Summer Camps, travelling or party. It means family”.

Hello, my name is Jorge and I am from Spain. I am going to talk about my first week in Leszno as a volunteer, about different feelings and experiences.

When I arrived to Leszno my first feeling was that there were a great family in the project because a lot of volunteers picked me up in the train station, which was so special for me. However, when I went to the flat I felt a little bit stressed because people didn’t understand me when I was talki18216483_10155215597494909_155408140229776558_ong. Finally I thought that it was because I was so tired and also because of my accent, but I knew that I would improve it during the summer.

Another important thing about this day was meet the other volunteers in a picnic, which made me feel so accepted in the group. In this picnic I started to know more things about the other volunteers, to be more confident with the people, to enjoy. Furthermore, I met my mentor in this Picnic and it was so especial because he received me saying “bienvenido” (Spanish word which means welcome) which show me that he is doing a great effort to make me feel good in my first day in Leszno.

Next day I went to the office with the other volunteers, where we were playing different games in order to meet each other and to motivate us. There were games whose aim was to know different kind of things of the other person, to make the volunteers feel confident and relaxed with the other people, etc. Also there were games which are called energizer, whose aim was to motivate us. With both kind of games we learned how to start a workshop, which is so important in this project. Also with these games we could develop our relation as a friends.

Although there were more important things that we need to live in Leszno, like the money or the insurance. To talk about these kind of things we talked with Adam. Despite of being a meeting with information about money, the insurance or the most important things in Leszno, Adam used games to motivated us, the energizer. As we can see this is one of the most important things in the project.

In Thursday and Friday the long terms volunteers prepared some workshop and activities for the short term volunteers. It was so funny and positive because we knew more things about the other volunteers and also we knew the most interesting places of Leszno, which was prepared by Rodolfo, Amit, Iida and Tania. This activity was so useful for the short term volunteers because we didn’t know nothing about the city.

I have learned that we have to respect each other, to help each other. And because of that I decided to pick up a new volunteer to the train station instead of going to a disco with the other volunteers. When they went to the club they said that they appreciated that so much. Also I tried to make the new volunteer feel comfortable when arrived like the other volunteers did with me.

To sum up I would like to say that I have learned a lot of things this week and I believe that I am going to make a lot of good friends creating a big family. Also I would like to say that I thank all volunteers and coordinators for everything. The adventure has begun.

Fundacja CAT

Name :
Jorge Pachón Bocanegra
Age :
Studies Field :
What Do You Like Most In Your Life ? :
The thing I most like in my life is travelling, teaching other people different kind of things and meeting new people.
Why Did You Choose EVS ? :18216483_10155215597494909_155408140229776558_o
I chose EVS because it was a chance to know new cultures, meet new people and also to improve some personal skills like communication,
What Are Your Expectations ? :
I would like to improve my personal skills and my english level. Also I think that with this project we can share different cultures with other people and open our mind. I believe that I am going to learn a lot with this project.
What do you hope to share with other people during your stay in Poland ?
I hope to share our language and our culture with other…

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Bem Vindo Pedro @ Cat.

Name: Pedro Silva

Age : 27

Studies Field : International Relations

 What Do You Like Most In Your Life? : Travel

Why Did You Choose EVS? : Evs is a great opportunity to  met new people, challenge yourself and get life experience.18527420_10209119475408232_4977981263401878446_o

What Are Your Expectations ?: Improve my English, obtain new social skills and met new people in order to improve myself to.

 What do you hope to share with other people during your stay in Poland ? Life experiences

What would be your best attributes? Motivation, social skills, patience and hard-working .

Hello Nisha Patel, we’re glad to have you.

Name :  Nisha Patel

Age :  25

Studies Field :  Geography

What Do You Like Most In Your Life? : Family, travel, Love, Peace, Happiness and people!

Why Did You Choose EVS? :  To learn a new culture, meet different people and help others, as well as learn about life!

What Are Your Expectations? :  I want to have fun, learn, develop myself and build relations with people.10703832_10154902198880179_7148824673914422039_n

What do you hope to share with other people during your stay in Poland ? A shared cultural experience.. to explore and enjoy Poland! 😊

What would be your best attributes?

Working with others, open-mindedness and being friendly. Also, sharing some knowledge on the English language, geography and perhaps and travel stories.


Must say goodbye: Gemma to Leszno.

Summarise your EVS:

These 2 months I have learnt so much from different cultures, also I have shared with people I didn’t know before and I could spend and enjoy my time with kids from Leszno. I have taken some special from each person I met in this project, I will never miss these experience!

Name :  Gemma

Age :  23

Studies Field :  Primary teacher. FullSizeRender-2

What Do You Like Most In Your Life? To feel free to be who I am.

Why Did You Choose EVS? :  to know others cultures, languages and people.

What Are Your Expectations? : to visit a lot of places and to work with other people and kids in different ways.

What do you hope to share with other people during your stay in Poland ?  cultures, languages and different ways to see the world.

What would be your best attributes? Patient, kind and hardworking.