October 2017

New volunteers came at our office. Short terms from Italy, France, Greece and two from Spain, one short term the other long term, until August. Their project begun and Magda, the EVS Project Coordinator, asked them to create some activities about the open hours of the office (14:00-17:00), when people can come and have creative time there.



Natasa Tzavara from Greece said to Alberto Seligardi from Italy, full of happiness: “I want to organise a photography workshop and it could be nice if we do it together.”

“Of course! It’s a great idea!”, he replied with his kind smile.

So, they started the photography lessons every Monday at 15.00, having as a main goal to teach some technical methods of taking photographs. At the end of the lessons was about to be held a final exhibition with photographs based on human rights .



This date arrived, the previous Monday 4th of December at 18.00.

Everything was organised perfectly like the educators, Alberto and Natasa were borned ready for this day. People came at our office and visited the exhibition. Youngsters, people who participate in language cafe lessons, volunteers and we were very happy for this support. Also except from photos there were some paintings that the participants of the painting workshop did.


Natasa shared with people the following comments after the end of the exhibition:

“I would like to thank every person who came today and smile with our attempt to present human rights through an artistic view.
Also I would like to thank the organization and our Coordinator who agreed from the beginning of our EVS program for this exhibition.
You gave us the opportunity to express ourselves and be more creative. 
A big hug to all these people who supported us and helped us giving their photos and of course to my partner in crime Alberto Seligardi ! 
And a big “I love you” to my people not only from Greece but also from here, my new “hermanos” who support me and give me more power to continue. You are my real inspiration.

I ll not say goodbye. More love and perhaps cry on the final evalutation.

Take care and continue to develop yourselves and be unique in this hard world.”


We would like to thank Alberto and Natasa for this interesting and artistic exhibition and we wish them to have good luck and a nice continuation at their lives.

*Special thanks to Maelle Julou who took the photos of the event.



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