We are back with our delicious COOKBOOK  2018

Here’s few quick and easy recipes to get your tummy very happy. All on the EVS budget and proven success . All of which have also been done at our cooking workshops previously.



Our most recent cookbook is online! Check out the best recipes from our volunteers from Brazil, Spain, Hungary, Estonia, Portugal, Italy, Bulgaria, France, Turkey and more!

COOKBOOK 2015-2016 Edition


Most of people were completely exited about Turkish food and even asked for the recipes. That’s why Mustafa Turgut , a former EVS volunteer, created his cookbook in order to share his favourite recipes with you.

EVS: European Variety of Savours

When many cultures meet each others one of the first comparison is among all the different cooking traditions! Maybe you can discover some dishes absolutely new for you or some food that are similar to yours but with that  pinch of strangeness that marks each culture!
During this summer 7 different cultures were mixed in Leszno thanks the Erasmus + project in which 12 people came in Leszno for an EVS experience: France, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Maltese, Romanian and Polish!
To improve and spread the knowledge of these cooking cultures we asked them to reveal us some famous recipes from their countries!
Do you want prepare something different for dinner? Click on the link!!