Creative report

Dicle final report:

Isa’s Final Report

A poster full of friendship, experience, travel, fun, challenge! 🙂


Niki’s Final Report

A tree of the friendship, experiences, feelings.. 🙂


Loredana’s Final Report

A box full of comments and advices for the old volunteers and the next volunteers in the future! 🙂


  • EVS is just my cup of tea!
  • It releases me from my daily routine
  • I’m glad to be a member
  • In this awesome team
  • I’ve come to have fun so…
  • I wish I would never go!


The final Report from Natasha

 Our greek Volunteer who departed last week has shared this amazing world map of current EVS in Leszno. The map of personal expression and our character shows how thoughtful she was and how closely she observed everyone.
You will be missed.

Ida’s Final Report

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MARTINHO Final Report


Our Italian volunteers has left us a manual of Leszno that we can follow and contribute to. Just follow the link or open it in your file .

Olga Final Creative report

Our very enthusiastic and artistic volunteer has shared her Final Report with us. Is a well balanced sketch of EVS life, volunteering and friendship throughout her stay. Enjoy!_20170608_165346

Mariana shas shared her Final Report

What was the hardest thing during these two months? –

“The hardest part was definitely leaving! It seems it’s a short time (and in fact time flies!) but being two months together with the same people really brings you close to them and the memories you create make you more attached to a place than you think. Also, the travelling was fun but the planning was exhaustive sometimes, especially when things don’t go according to your plan (when you miss a train or a bus and you have to wait for the next one for at least 4 hours). But it doesn’t matter if things don’t go as you wished at first because at the end they give you the best stories ever!”

Sussane ; Made her Final Creative Report

My EVS in Poland

I had a short-term volunteering in Leszno in Fundacja centrum Aktywnosi. For me the best thing was to be able to apply my artistic skills in workshops with kids. I was also happy to be able to run some drug conversations to prevent people starting using drugs. The second best thing was to meet great people from different countries and learn to know about their countries. No regrets! Lots of great experiences.

Poem to Leszno by Francesco

Francesco Final Report presented in a poem.

Long term Volunteer Jesus has an inspirational video to share:

Long term Volunteer from Turkey has shared her experience with us.