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info.pack 2017


Read this amazing booklet! You will feel the fresh and innovative personality of CAT Fundation and what’s mean live an EVS experience with them!

Info-Pack2 (pdf version)

Are you sure to be prepared to come in Poland? Do you want be completly ready to explore this misterious country? Read this booklet!


What you should know before coming to Leszno


Some people think that EVS it’s just about having fun, meeting foreigners, traveling and that’s all, but if you want to find out how it works in real, check our schedule! Every working day is full of different activities. Mainly these are: making cultural presentations in different schools – PS, Gim., HS, going to kindergarteners with national games, songs, dances, sometimes even going to university to talk about more serious topics. These are the most usual work, except these if you will gather students for the language course, that you are able to lead, you will have language classes once a week in the office or in lovely cafe nearby.

We have a lot of talented people in different fields, some of them can sing, dance, others can paint or take pictures, some are good cook, and some can do handcrafts. EVS is home for every kind of talent, for every kind of person who is willing to share this talent, so every evening different kinds of workshops take place in our office.

These all are the basic activities we are doing, but some periods are even more active, like winter and summer workshops when kids have vacations at school. They join us to create together a lot amazing things.

And of course the best point of EVS is that you aren’t limited! If you have new idea, completely new field that you discovered and you want to share with others – you can do it!


Don’t be afraid that you will die because of hunger if you will receive only 85 euros for pocket money and 95 for food allowance. Surprisingly for a lot of people, these money can be enough for living. For sure money is never enough, but if you manage it cleverly, there will not be any problem. After first month new volunteers are improving their “money managing skills” and also are getting acquainted with cheaper shops, they are finding out about discount times, changing normal sigarette to rolled one and so on. You must know that Poland is quite cheap comparing to other European countries. If you aren’t lazy and like to ride a bike you can go to Tesco and buy everything that you need, sometimes even more than it is needed. Biedronka and Żabka also offer high-quality service.  Wisky shop on Rynek is one of the most visited places for volunteers – there you can find all kinds of alcohol, and sometimes very cheap beer.

If you like to travel Leszno is well connected with Poznań and Wrocław (the way takes one hour and a half, tickets cost around 20 zł). From there you can choose any direction around Poland or to other countries. In Poland you can visit many beautiful cities, and money that we recieve is more or less enought inside the country. Also there are some tricks if you are planning to travel abroad, without spending a lot of money, like hitchhiking, bla-bla car, couchsurfing etc.

So, if you are careless about money, do the EVS! It will be the best lesson for you.


Leszno is not a very big town, so you can go by feet or ride a bike to the most of the place you need to get to, but the most pleasant is that the office of CAT is located very close to EVS house – just two minutes walking. The best thing is that it’s always opened for volunteers (not only when somebody from the board is there), so you can come there if you want to study/work/use laptoap/enjoy some movie/tea/coffee or just stay in silence for some time.

Usually you will communicate there with four people – Adam, Magda, Marlena and Milena (there are a lot of people whose name is started on M, so you can be confused for some time).

Without Adam you would not survive here – he is responsible for money, so you’ll get food allowance and pocket money (and not only) from him every month. Here you will learn how to collect tickets and invoices and whom to bring them 🙂 Magda is responsible for your work in organization, so in the most of situations you will communicate with her. Thanks to Magda you will have scadule with your activities. Marla is a president who is responsible for some formal stuff, and she is a first person from CAT you are in contact with.  Another person who’s name starts from M – Milena – is not visibly connected directly to the work of EVS volunteers, but you’ll see her quite a lot. However, they are only ones of many who are coming to the office, so there you can meet other people who are working with Fundacja CAT.

 Office from outside


Our house 

There is one house not far from the main square of Leszno, and if you turn to the right street, you will recognize it. This EVS-house with international inhabitants is usually full of people, because it’s a good opportunity for locals to practice foreign languages, learn something about life in other countries and try different cuisines. It may seem not very attractive from outside for the first time, but then you start to like it because of special atmosphere inside.

We have two floors in the house, so there is enough space. There are two kitchens (large and small one), two bathrooms and toilets (separated), a living room and three bedrooms, which are shared by two-three people. In the rooms you can find beds, desk for studying, wardrobe and some shelves for your belongings. In addition, we have a small backyard where you can enjoy your time when it’s warm outside.

The house contains most of equipment and stuff you may need. In the kitchen there are pretty good conditions for cooking; there are washing machine and iron, so you can take care about your cloth; we have bed-clothes and blankets, towel can also be given to you.






Used Wall Socket

What to bring with you

Unfortunately, everything can’t be provided. For example, it’s better to take your hairdryer, because there is no common one. Also despite we have a laptop which you can use in the office, it’s better to take yours to have in the house and not to be depended on office ones. In addition, if you’ve got used to add some special spices to your food, or drink some particular coffee of tea you can’t live without – take it from home, because it could be hard or impossible to find them here. Preparation of some stuff like printed pictures can be helpful sometimes as well (can be cheaper in your country). But don’t take too much close (especially it’s impossible to take everything if you come for long-term project) – you will be able to buy some cheap one here.

!!! Please also bring some specific stuff related to your country in order to show it on the cultural presentations.  For example you can bring national cloth, special national symbols related to some holidays or traditions, some instruments, statuettes, stickers etc.

You may be afraid of….

If you are going to completely different country for the first time and for a long term, to the people you don’t know, there can be a lot of consequences.

  1. People

Did you decide to do EVS? You must be ready to live with the people you like, with the people you love, but also to live with the people you have misunderstandings, you argue, or with people you even hate. Yes that’s true. If you don’t like somebody it doesn’t mean that the organization will send him or her back. So learn to leave with different people with their own personal characteristics!

  1. Work in organizarion

Sometimes when you check your schedule you will find out some work you don’t like to do, some school, which is too far, some task without enough time to do it, some workshop without enough materials etc.,but then, after that work is done, you can also find out that actually you liked it, there was enough time, the school wasn’t so far, and even the materials were enough. Remember that except having fun you have to work here hard, sometimes even more than normal working day hours.

  1. Home

Be aware that home sometimes isn’t as clean as you want, as quiet as you want, sometimes even not as worm as you want… But don’t worry because here we together are making house dirty, together we are making it noisy and if it’s cold we also will find out some solutions together.

P.S. Sometimes our living room looks like this. Everithing is possible in our EVS house