New Positive Vibes arrived to Leszno!

Rati GE, Thanos GR, Jolanda IT, Katherina UA, Mariam GE, Maxime FR, Kakhaberi GE, Francesco SP and Lediana AL.

Come and meet these wonderful new people full of energy, ready to share their passion for architecture, graphic design, music, special talents and enthusiasm. They are colouring winter in Leszno during their project: 05.01.2019-07.03.2019!

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>>Dive: in love with these two stunning Volunteers>>

Long-term Volunteering can be challenging sometimes but is nothing too difficult for our new two candidates Aleksandra from Serbia and Belen from Spain. 

The girls freshly arrived 1/11/2018 to 04/09/2019 to dedicate their talents and efforts into the out non-formal way of education, to support our ongoing efforts of equality and freedom and creative learning but also to teach us all there is to know about their own lifestyles back at home and worldly experience, since both have done few exchanges of their own previously . 



Selamat datang, Uli!

Name: Dwi Yuliyanti Barokah

Age: 21

Studied field: Financial Management


What Do You Like Most In Your Life: Journey may bring me to the other side, and write it!

Why Did You Choose EVS: I get this information from Dejavato Foundation as my sender organization. The first reason, Europe is the first ocean that I wanna go. I wanna know about the culture, mind set, artistic building, character and any more. I think, it will be different, interesting, and open minded.

What Would you like to share with others in schools/ workshops etc? Actually, there’re many difference culture in Poland and Indonesia. I will share about Indonesian character, the beautiful tourism place in Indonesia, the culture as following the language, dance, song, national costume, and anymore. I wanna share the same and difference something from Indonesia and Poland.

What Are you passionate about? I’m passionate in writing and volunteering. When I was in Indonesia, I active to join several organization, social action and volunteering. But, this’s my first time doing the international event. So, It will be challenging experience. And I like writing, like short story, biograph or novel.

We have a thai singer in town! Welcome, Nicha.

Name: Nicha Khoruamkid

Age: 20

Studied field: Faculty of Journalism and mass communication, Advertising major 


Why Did You Choose EVS: EVS is the organization which help develop the ability of the young people which what I am looking for. Not only I will encourage the student to learn but I also learn and growing up with them. 

What Would you like to share with others in schools/ workshops etc?  I want to share thai culture ,discuss and exchange views between the countries. 

What Are you passionate about? I’m passionate about opening up for new experiences in life

Ploy, directly from Thailand!

1539098631887Name: Thanaporn Laithaisong (Ploy)

Age: 24

Studied field: Education majoring in English

What Do You Like Most In Your Life: Try many kind of food.

Why Did You Choose EVS: This program gave me the opportunity to work with people from different background and that wider my perspective about living life.

What Would you like to share with others in schools/ workshops etc? I love to share Thai cultures and Thai food. I believe that people who share food is the best people!

What Are you passionate about? Did I mention food?

Five days, five discoveries…

It is only our fifth day in the city and we have already discovered how special this place is going to be for us. These are some of the things we have learned this week:


  1. All roads lead to Rynek.
  2. There are more kebabs than people. (Ok, that is not true, but the proportion of kebabs per km2 is remarkable).
  3. The umbrellas on Bracka Street are not for the sun. They are for rain, at least from now on, because “winter is always coming”.
  4. Offices are not always boring places and Polish radio is not bad at all, specially if Tetyana does the chorus.
  5. You start to feel that Leszno is you new home and you do not know what adventures await but you want them to happen.


Turkish Volunteer in Town , welcome Kaan

Name: Kaan YILMAZ​​

Age: 22

Studied field: Civil Engineering

What Do You Like Most In Your Life: Traveling, Sports, Spending Times with friends

Why Did You Choose EVS:  I chose evs because I wanted to do something good for other people, something special for kids, youth people and wanted to be a part of the international team at abroad. I believe that I’m good at something and want to share with another people. 


What Would you like to share with others in schools/ workshops etc?

I can make researches about cultural, sport, international things and can present them. Also, I’m very interested in sports and mathematics.  As well as, camping for example, I would like to share some information about nature, football, volleyball, basketball, Olympics. I’m fascinated to work with young people so I would like to teach them anything I can. 

What Are you passionate about?

My passions are about nature,mathematics,sport.But not just see nature and go back to home.I do campings, take nature photograps,I very interest learning new things and teach something to people the best way I can and best way They understand me well.

Polonya’ya hoşgeldiniz – Welcome to Poland


34796226_10213602496234579_8550683671860871168_nAge: 20


What Do You Like Most In Your Life: I like learn the most different culturesand discover new languages in this world and I love to spend time with kids andto visit the european countries.

Why Did You Choose EVS:I am particularly interested in Evs projects because I want to build my globalqualifications and learn more about intercultural learningin local schools.I think this opportunity  will  make a  big difference for myprofessional  and my personal  development.

I know I can learn a lot from EVS projects in the pedagogical area.I want todevelop new  projects in this regard.I am volunteering for children and youngpeople in this project. I feel very ready for this project.

What Would you like to share with others in schools/ workshops etc? I plan activities with children and young people already. Kids crafts & hands on activities can be very nice !I can teach a lot of high school and primary school students.I  think that I can be very  helpful  in post-school  activities  for students  with  cultural  accumulation  and communication  skills, and

I  love  children  very   much  and   spend  my  free  time  with my cousins. These  features  will  facilitate me  in  public  spaces  and  volunteer  activities in  schools. I am very eager to learn about intercultural learning and buildingglobal competencies at local schools and I deal with children and young peoplevery well.

What Are you passionate about? I am passionate about psychology andphilosophy.I am particularly interested in body language and communicationabout children.I want to develop my psychology knowledge by visiting theworld and meeting people from different cultures.

Bienvenida Carmen

10175988_10203732238895599_6902978826942621481_nName: Carmen Rocío Gómez Barranco.

Age: 23.

Studied field: Political Sciences.

What Do You Like Most In Your Life: The thing I like the most in my life is spending time with all my family in the beaches of my city, Huelva. I have a really big family to spend time with and also beautiful coastline and that makes me feel lucky.

Why Did You Choose EVS: I have been living in Madrid for five years and after that, I felt like I wanted to live in a small city for a while and feel part of it participating and helping the community to be a little better every day.

What Would you like to share with others in schools/ workshops etc? I would love to share my passion for dance (ballet, flamenco, contemporary…) and my positivism. I believe in the great potential of dance to unite people from different cultures. In addition, the values of this art, such as responsibility, effort, collaboration or commitment are very important values in our everyday life.

What Are you passionate about? Ballet is my principal passion, although I also love to eat “tortilla de patatas”, singing flamenco and playing the guitar.