Please welcome Tom.

Name: Tom LHOR
Age: I´m 19 years old
Studies Field : diplomate of the french Economical and Social baccalaureate
What do you like the most in your life ? : I like my family so much firstly , same with my friends and finally the Barcelona Football Club .157CE497-083D-4580-B3DC-46801E0B4B85
Why did you choose EVS ? : I took a gap year and EVS was the best meaAn to travel and to learn a lot on yourself and on the world at the same time
What are your expectations ? : I hope to discover new cultures and languages , to enjoy the job and life in Leszno
What do you hope to share with people during you stay in Poland ? : I would like to share my culture , my experiences firstly , funny moments , and things we´ll keep in mind forever
What would be your best attribute ? :
– I speak at least two languages fluently , English and French , I also learned a little bit of Chinese in school , and Italian at home with my Italian family
– I´m passionate with sport and I´ve practise a lot of sport even I´m young , so I can organise some games or training without problems
– I´m able to do every Jobs even it´s boring , no matter
– I did a lot of travel , because I like geography and history so much so I know the story of lots of countries
– I used to draw when I was younger so I can organise some drawing games .


New bird on the block. Welcome – Maëlle

Name: Maëllemel

Age: 20

Studies Field: Language Literature and Civilization / Teaching

What do you like most in your life? I like to discover new cultures by travelling or by meeting new people. I like to draw, to create, to teach, mostly I like to challenge myself, and feel that I am useful.

Why did you choose EVS? I chose evs because it is a great opportunity to experience something different from my daily life, and to invest myself in a project in an European context.

Why are your expectations? I expect to work in team with other volunteers, to share our ideas and help each other for a main goal, discover the polish culture, and also discover parts of myself that I didn’t imagine.

What do you hope to share with other people during your stay in Poland? I hope to share parts of the french culture, for the others to have a better understanding of it, from the traditions to the language, in an interactive way and with new perspectives.  I  hope to share my knowlegde of teaching in an non formal way to be able to the others to learn with a lot of fun. I am also a very manual person and I would love to give the opportunity for the others to wake up their creative side.

What would be your best attributes? I am imaginative and always motivated, I am fully invested in the projects that I am carrying.I am open minded, I use my creativity for new activities, and I adapt them to the public in front of me.


New animal lover at Cat Foundation, Ruben

Name :  Rubén Martín

Age :  25

Studies Field :  Law


What Do You Like Most In Your Life? : Travel, meet new cultures and new people from all over the world. I like sports too.

Why Did You Choose EVS? : I love working in non-governmental organizations and help people so I´m here to improve myself and give my best. Is a really good way to learn new languages.

What Are Your Expectations? :  I want to enjoy a lot with the people that I will met and remember this experience forever. I will be here for 10 months so it´s a new life and I want to discover Poland.

What do you hope to share with other people during your stay in Poland ? I want to share my spanish culture, my language, and cook a good paella. Although I have worked in a non-governmental organization helping people, I have also worked as a lawyer and I can try to create some activities to make this job more attractive.

What would be your best attributes? I really like to speak in public, organize events and prepare dynamic activities. I love play football and teach football to the kids.

Benvenuto: TO Alberto from Italy

Name :  Alberto Seligardi

Age : 24

Studies Field :Screenshot-2017-9-25 21586764_10209976752351010_1172231171531300280_o jpg (immagine JPEG, 1920 × 1278 pixel) - Riscalata (5[...](1)

Mainly contemporary history, but even philosophy, anthropology and sociology.

What Do You Like Most In Your Life? :

Adventure  Why Did You Choose EVS? :  For making a new experience abroad, know new people and work in an organization for help others.

What Are Your Expectations? :

I expect to improve myself, to discover more things and to learn to help other people.

What do you hope to share with other people during your stay in Poland ?

I whish to share my energy, my abilities and my knowledge! Hoping that other people will share a little of them with me, of course

What would be your best attributes?

Here is a list of my abilities and knowledges:

  • I am an amateur photographer
  • As every italian, I know very well italian culture and food (and the typical mistakes made in it out of Italy) – I have a great knowledge of european contemporary history, particulary about the 1900. I even have a good knowledge about philosophy, anthropology and in general of other cultures (I have a three-years degree) – I know martial discipline for street self-defense (Muay Boran)
  • I like to pratice an athletic workout
  • I spent a month in both Morocco and Rwanda, so I know them very well
  • I studied as a computer technician and worked as a web designer
  • I am creative, I like to write, tell and/or comment stories, reports, romance and current news

We welcome Anastasia from Greece

Name : Anastasia Mimikou

Age : 24

Studies Field : education in primary school

What Do You Like Most In Your Life? :

I like that I am lucky to have around me people that truly love and support me. Also, being grateful for this everything good comes to my way naturally.

Why Did You Choose EVS? :

It was a good opportunity to live and meet people from different places. I would be able to find out different habbits and ways of living. Moreover, being part of a team and surviving in a foreigner country would have positive effect on myself, would make me stronger and more confident.

What Are Your Expectations? :

I hope to learn some polish, open my mind, earn every knowledge that is offered to me, keep friendships and promote the Greek civilization.

What do you hope to share with other people during your stay in Poland ?

My experiences which have been gained through working, leaving and traveling. I would like to share good moments, help them as I can in everyday life and in the workshops.

What would be your best attributes?

 As I teacher I believe that I would be very useful in the classroom bringing different ways of learning and new methods. It is very new idea in Greek schools to combine chess and learning, because it is a game which demand clear thought and estimate the movement that the other player may do. So a student can sharpen his awareness and his mind.

 Also, I like connecting learning with music, drawing or collage. I believe that we learn better when we use many objects that wake our senses.

Hola a Luis Rodríguez Gómez

Name : Luis Rodríguez Gómez


Studies Field : Spanish, physical education, teaching, creative tasks.

What Do You Like Most In Your Life? : Sports, teaching, travel

Why Did You Choose EVS? : Because i always want to make an Erasmus experience, meet new people, start news community projects and develop my own projects as a teacher.

What Are Your Expectations? : I would like to develop this kind of projects, and have a lot of experiences. The start of the volunteer was very good, and the people it`s great, so my expectations are the best.

What do you hope to share with other people during your stay in Poland ?

My knowledge, work together in amazing tasks, improve my English, travel all together, and enjoy each other.

What would be your best attributes? My open mind, my knowledge in teaching, my projects, my attitude .

Χαίρετε to Natasa from Greece


Name: Natasa Tzavara

Age: 26

Studies Field : Sociology/ MSc Labor and Employment Policies

What Do You Like Most In Your Life?

I like help people to develop their skills and be an inspiration for them. Therefore, I choose to be a teacher of secondary schools and teach the major parts of Sociology. Moreover, I like to be evolved and learn new things, because this is the meaning of life, to learn more and become better.

Why Did You Choose EVS?

I chose EVS because I would like to learn different cultures and live abroad. It is the best chance to learn new things while you meet new people and different ways of living. Also, I like be a volunteer and EVS gives me the opportunity for a voluntary job abroad, which is definitely a memorable experience.

What Are Your Expectations?

My expectations are to learn new things and co-operate efficiently with different people from other European cities. In addition, I want to learn the basic parts of polish language and discover the polish culture, by visiting the cities of the country.

What do you hope to share with other people during your stay in Poland ?

First of all, I want to share some parts of the Greek language, e.g. find commons and differences, teach basic phrases of everyday life etc. Another part that I want to share is the Greek traditions (what we do during the Christmas or the Easter). Also, I have planned some games especially for children, based on the Greek culture, eg Greek music that has a lot of styles and parts. Speaking more specifically, we can dance together an easy traditional dance, play “music chairs” with Greek songs or make a Greek flag with colors and papers.

What would be your best attributes?

I am a friendly person who loves to share things with other people. I have a big imagination and creativity, thus I make a lot of crafts, like paintings, sketches, handmade stuff like jewelries etc.  In my opinion the most important is that I give to other people power to continue their goals despite the difficulties and I am trustful and supportive which makes me a good friend and co-worker.

The winter is coming, so pop in to Cat. !

As the winter is approaching and we are back in the schools making presentations as well as having our new office set up we welcome you to pop in at any time between 2-5pm Mon-Fri. We have been working hard to set up and extra place for the young people to kill some time between finishing lectures and going home. Good news that our volunteers came up with an idea to dedicate that time to you. Soon there will be more volunteers joining us, in whole 9 people extra from a variety of countries. 

So come on in and lets have a cup of tea together watching the Autumn rain pass by.